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  • Gut Feelings Are The Conscious Innate Immune System – Unless It’s Just Fear

  • TheRealRestoreInc.

    November 19, 2021 at 1:49 pm

    There are disagreements:

    empirical intellectuals vs. dreamtime aboriginals

    fixed sex design vs fluid gender possibilities

    conspiracy theory vs The Great Narrative

    Always, never, absolutely,

    it is awesome vs. sick,

    bad vs. swell,

    consensus vs….

    gut feeling.

    When an argument presented to us is based on the latest science, on consensus of the experts in the field, on almost all…

    What is your “gut feeling”, or – in the terminology of this “new” concept I just now copyrighted, patented and invested stock in – “Conscious innate immune defense awareness”?

    When Moderna’s mRNA Therapeutics ™ was presented as the SARS-CoV2 solution, passing government muster, being at the EUA standard (at least 50% efficacy) – did your immune system react to the news, one way or another?

    Did you innately “know” beforehand that “they will find an effective solution” to SARS-CoV-2 infections and subsequent disease and death?

    This may have been your gut feeling!

    Or…I hate to disappoint you…it was your fear, turned 180 degrees, to become “I HOPE this works!!!”

    Excitement that comes from fear and makes adrenalin rushing sensations may make you feel manic (which you can interpret as “excitement”), and you will rush to anything to avoid COVID-19, because you have seen images about how sick and dying people had no hope.

    People say the phrase, ‘I HOPE this medication works like the scientists say it will”, but what the source inside, the heart and will, says is:

    “I fear having to face this virus without a defense, so, damn the torpedoes, suppress the contrary evidence and negativity – I’M GETTING MY SHOT!!!”

    An internal immune system, if truly connected, is interwired with the conscious survival instincts called gut feelings, but the human often disconnects this by living in the contemporary world of stone age>bronze age>digital age anticipation.

    “What’s next?”, people wonder.

    “What cool invention is coming this summer?”

    “What medical breakthrough will be available for me?”

    People of ancient times did not anticipate this way.

    They may have learned much more than historians give them credit for.

    They had dreams, visions…

    gut feelings.

    Whether the impressions were an indication that TRUTH was speaking to their souls or whether the impressions were imaginary, superstitious, and illusional was seen in the outcome – that is – did following their gut feelings result in success, healing, multiplication of resources, longevity, victory or knowledge that could be memorized, shared, stored and reused with the same level of TRUTH as before…to confirm that the “gut feeling”, or vision or dream was benevolent and to be trusted?

    This was the ancient origin and continuity of the awareness of immunity” as an expressed trait (or gift) to humankind.

    Of course, it became both loved and feared.

    The pursuit of healing, with the “conscious” immune system part of the human, became a weapon as well as a secret powerful knowledge alongside the sharing of such a wonder amonst the tribe.

    The contemporary tribal medicine chiefs seem to have found an adulterous, secretive tribal identity outside the family of Man.

    The imaginations have mingled with the increase in knowledge, and the adulterous temptation is:

    TO BECOME TRANS-MAN…immortal someday.

    My gut feeling, my conscious immune system defense tells me in a warning: Eternal life is a gift from the Creator, not some DNA ladder/RNA instructions coupled to a silicon wafer Artificial Intelligence (AI).

    The life/death quandary is not an equation solved by rearranging molecules and adding accumulated stores of knowledge to a cryo-preserved proto-body.

    “It is the Spirit that gives life, the flesh (the molecular body) has nothing to offer”

    “Those who are in the flesh cannot know the things of God”

    “Flesh and blood cannot inherit eternal life”

    How did the transhuman adulterous affair with molecules and electricity as a means to acquire desirous eternal life come to 2020 as a “promise” instead of a “threat”, and infiltrate publicly mandated healthcare?

    A brief, tragic history.

    Lavishly funded Moderna hits safety problems in bold bid to revolutionize medicine (2017)

    SAN FRANCISCO — Moderna Therapeutics, the most highly valued private company in biotech, has run into troubling safety problems with its most ambitious therapy, STAT has learned — and is now banking on a mysterious new technology to keep afloat its brash promise of reinventing modern medicine.

    Exactly one year ago, Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel talked up his company’s “unbelievable” future before a standing-room-only crowd at the annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference here. He promised that Moderna’s treatment for a rare and debilitating disease known as Crigler-Najjar syndrome, developed alongside biotech giant Alexion Pharmaceuticals, would enter human trials in 2016.

    It was to be the first therapy using audacious new technology that Bancel promised would yield dozens of drugs in the coming decade.

    But the Crigler-Najjar treatment has been indefinitely delayed, an Alexion spokeswoman told STAT. It never proved safe enough to test in humans, according to several former Moderna employees and collaborators who worked closely on the project. Unable to press forward with that technology, Moderna has had to focus instead on developing a handful of vaccines, turning to a less lucrative field that might not justify the company’s nearly $5 billion valuation.

    “It’s all vaccines right now, and vaccines are a loss-leader,” said one former Moderna manager. “Moderna right now is a multibillion-dollar vaccines company, and I don’t see how that holds up.”

    Bancel made no mention of the Crigler-Najjar drug when he spoke Monday before a similarly packed room at this year’s J.P. Morgan conference.

    A virus was needed. Not by those with gut feeling-level immunity.


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