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  • 99% deaths among unvaccinated or testing failure

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  • dojo

    July 9, 2021 at 1:54 am

    A few days ago a message from dr Anthony Fauci started to circulate that ~99% deaths due to COVID in June are among unvaccinated. Immediately my government in Poland gave a similar figure. However it is apparent that we might get more and more false data, as vaccinated will show a certificate and thus they won’t be even tested when appointed to a hospital for whatever reason (at least that’s the case in Poland very often). Personally I still wait for the overall outcome before deciding for a jab, but when thinkin about relevant data to help me decide, I think that a breakdown of all causes of death statistics among two groups (vac and unvac) in relation to age or other covid risks might be very helpful. What do you think? Any country has done such a analysis already after 6 months?

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