Five Public Hospitals in Brussels Hit with Employee Strikes: Workload, Pay & Need for Recruits as Patient Quality at Risk

Public Hospitals Hit with Employee Strikes

Often clinical research sites are of health systems and hospitals. The health of the larger institutions can impact the research in direct and indirect ways.

Recently, five public hospitals were hit with intense strikers due to work force grievances associated with the increasing workload, not to mention calls for more pay, reports the Brussels Times.

The five hospitals include:

  • The Brugmann University Nursing Center
  • Sint-Pieter University Medical Center
  • Jules Bordet Institute
  • Queen Fabiola University Children’s Hospital
  • Iris Hospitals South

According to reports, excessive workload risks the employees ability to guarantee the care that is required for patients.  They are asking for a more significant budget for more recruits. Moreover, they are seeking more pay.  The workers claim that the Brussels staff earn 15% less than their colleagues in Flanders and Wallonia. Moreover, the union is asking for a better pension plan and full reimbursement of transport costs.