FiercePharma Reports on Top 20 Drugs based on U.S. Sales

Revenue List

FiercePharma publishes the top 20 drugs based on U.S. sales. Once again, AbbVie’s Humira is far ahead of the pack. This list supports the fact that the USA is approaching a $500 billion dollar drug market.  With intensive waves of new gene therapy and cell therapy, not to mention specialized oncology and rare disease treatments, the age of the blockbuster may be transitioning to the “Precision Era” and those that win will win big.  It may not be as forgiving for the losers.

Follow the link to Kyle Blankenship’s article in FiercePharma, one of the leading drug development digital publications.  See the top 20 below. FiercePharma makes it easy to select each therapy for more details, revenue numbers, etc.

  1. Humira
  2. RevLimid
  3. Enbrel
  4. Rituxan
  5. Opdivo
  6. Keytruda
  7. Imbruvica
  8. Eylea
  9. Neulasta
  10. Eliquis
  11. Remicade
  12. Genvoya
  13. Lyrica
  14. Stelara
  15. Prevnar 13
  16. Ibrance
  17. Herceptin
  18. Avastin
  19. Victoza
  20. Truvada


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