Elligo Leading the Clinical Research as a Care Option Movement

Elligo Leading the Clinical Research as a Care Option Movement

According to data from Citeline and Clinicaltrials.gov, at any given point in time, a mere 1.5%–3.0% of the population eligible to participate in a clinical trial – including both potential patients and administering physicians – will be involved in a clinical trial. That’s a tremendous disservice to patients, both present and future, because it means lost chances for access to cutting-edge research and treatment options – and ultimately, missed opportunities for the development of treatments and cures.

Providing clinical research as a care option should not be overlooked moving forward into the new decade. Clinical research offers benefits to more than the research community – it can improve patient outcomes, as well. The benefits to patients are solid: Not only do they have access to cutting-edge research and care that they otherwise would not, but when the research is integrated into their regular physician’s practice, the attendant inconvenience to their daily lives is virtually eliminated. When their own physicians offer clinical research as a care option, instead of having to travel to a site, take time away from work and family, and incur expenses, patients can simply go to their local physician for care. And research has shown that patients prefer to engage in studies with their already-trusted healthcare physicians. With the increased focus in the industry on patient centricity, allowing them this convenience is a winning scenario.

There’s another benefit, too. By bringing clinical care directly to patients in their own communities, trials are more likely to reach a diverse population, including participants that would otherwise be excluded from the research process. For example, a community like Laredo, Texas, which has a population that is about 95% Hispanic or Latino, has not had as much access to research. Without that diversity, drugs are often developed and prescribed regardless of the patient’s ethnicity, gender, or genetic background. Bringing innovative care directly to the patient population increases the likelihood of diversity in trials.

Connecting healthcare with research can be a daunting challenge, but technology can facilitate the change. Using electronic data capture and electronic health records leads to improved research insights; it’s one way healthcare and research can be more seamlessly integrated.

Realizing this, Elligo Health Research developed a unique approach that connects the best healthcare experts with the best research technologies and infrastructure. Using criteria like therapeutic specialty, patient pool demographics, and office location, Elligo connects practices with clinical trial opportunities—allowing patients to participate while in the security, convenience, and comfort of their trusted doctor’s office.

Already, Elligo’s mission has seen a tremendous response. In El Paso, Texas, clinical trials were brought into the community, and in Saginaw, Michigan, Valley OB-Gyn teamed up to conduct studies on topics including endometrioses and vasomotor symptoms. Almost 50 women’s health-focused research sites have signed on to form the largest women’s health network in the world, sharing research insights. And in Canada, patients within the Jack Nathan Health network can participate at their Canadian Walmart clinics.

Bringing clinical research directly to patients as a care option enables researchers to develop drugs to better treat a wider range of patients, bringing hope of treatments and cures to patients who would otherwise go without.

TrialSite News has followed Elligo over the last year and has been impressed with their progress in the clinical trials marketplace. Their Goes Direct® approach has made it easier for physicians and their patients to participate in clinical research. The firm has established 108 healthcare partners, 692 physician alliances and over 2 million patients in their network.

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