Don’t Vaccinate Kids: Urgent Message From Doctors’ Summit

Don’t Vaccinate Kids: Urgent Message From Doctors’ Summit

By Mary Beth Pfeiffer

Leading experts on flawed U.S. COVID policy issued an urgent warning at a summit Saturday: Young children will be harmed in an ill-advised rush to vaccinate a population with very little chance of severe infection from the virus.

“The real risk for healthy kids is about zero — it does appear to be lower than the flu,” said Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA technology on which the vaccine is based. Inoculating 28 million children 5 to 11 years old, Malone told attendees of the Florida Summit on Covid, could lead to “a thousand or more excess deaths.”

“That’s a thousand kids,” he told the audience of 800 doctors, nurses and advocates. “It’s a thousand kids too many.”

In addition to other pressing COVID issues, the summit addressed three central questions about childhood vaccination. Do young children need vaccination against COVID? Are the vaccinations safe? Are unvaccinated children a threat to adults? On each, they found the government’s near-universal vaccination policy wanton and unsupported.

“Children don’t get severely ill. Children don’t die from this infection,” said Dr. Paul Alexander, a clinical epidemiologist and former senior advisor on pandemic policy in U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. “We’ve been fed a lot of misleading information.”

Though harshly criticized for keeping schools open, “Sweden had not a single death of a child from COVID,” said Dr. Richard Urso, a Texas ophthalmologist citing published data.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control counts 576 U.S. children under 18 who succumbed to COVID from Jan. 1, 2020 to Nov. 3, 2021, among 60,811 who died in that period. But the CDC figures offer no perspective on whether another illness or COVID caused the deaths. In a study of 48,000 COVID-infected children under 18, no deaths were reported among those without comorbidities like leukemia or obesity. In other words, healthy kids did not die, suggesting vaccines are not needed for them.

‘Willful blindness’

With the risk of serious illness low, panelists said the potential toll of vaccinating was unacceptably high, pointing to thousands of officially downplayed but real side effects and deaths. The risks to children include – but aren’t limited to – serious inflammation of the heart called myocarditis, which has been reported at three to six times the expected rate in vaccinated adolescents. A CDC study reported 14 vaccine-related deaths and 849 serious reactions in children 12 to 17 years old.

“There will be children lost with the vax — far more than ever happened with COVID,” said Dr. Peter McCullough, a widely published cardiologist and leading voice on a rational pandemic response. Doctors are guilty of “willful blindness” to vaccine hazards, he said, having “bought into this…dream that this vax if both safe and effective. It is shattering their dreams that it is not sufficiently safe.” 

The summit met just after the Pfizer vaccine was recommended by the CDC and as rollout began in pharmacies and clinics.

In Florida, where debate on vaccine mandates is vigorous, summit organizers see child vaccination as a line not to be crossed in a state that could set an example for the nation. They hope to stop the expanded vaccine program with an executive order by Gov. Ron DeSantis or legislation in an upcoming emergency session called to address vaccine mandates.

“We need to pull out all the stops,” Dr. John Littell, an Ocala physician who spearheaded the summit, told me. “We’ve only begun to fight for our children.”

With virtually universal media support, pressure is intense to vaccinate the pint-sized.  On Twitter, the Muppet character Big Bird told of doing his duty for the public good. “I got the COVID-19 vaccine today!” he tweeted on the day of the summit. “My wing is feeling a little sore, but it’ll give my body an extra protective boost that keeps me and others healthy.”

Pfizer video, meantime, widely shared on social media, showed “superhero” boys and girls, in capes, masks and wings, celebrating vaccination. Mouthing words written by a pharmaceutical giant, they praised other kids who took the needle for their “courage,” willingness to “try new things” and “helping the whole entire world.” Another video, of 13-year-old Madeline De Garay injured after vaccination during a trial, tells quite a different story but, sponsors say, was rejected for airing as a television ad.

‘One and done’

The six-hour summit included a premier lineup of COVID doctors who, based on treatment experience and available science, also raised two other urgent concerns:

The effective suppression of physician freedom to treat early COVID with ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, fluvoxamine and other drugs that could keep patients out of hospitals and save lives.

The protective value of having had COVID, which offers immune benefits that panelists said exceed – and forego the need for — vaccination.

“Natural immunity is robust; it’s complete; it’s durable,” Dr. McCullough told the group. “If it was possible to get it again, it would’ve happened hundreds of millions of times. It’s one and done.” Just 100 or so cases have been reported in the literature, he said, but there is confusion over whether they were actually second infections.

“With COVID, you develop immunity to 50 or so proteins” that spur production of antibodies, Malone said in his talk. “With the vaccine, you develop immunity to one structural protein,” namely the spike protein. “It’s a huge difference.”

“Don’t let them tell you that recovered-from-COVID does not lead to long-lasting immunity,” Dr. Ryan Cole, an Idaho pathologist, told the group, pitting a report on 106 science articles in favor of infection-acquired immunity against a single CDC “pretend paper” saying vaccines offer more protection.

The implications of natural immunity are enormous. The CDC estimates that 120 million Americans – a third of the population — have had COVID. If their immunity was recognized, that would dramatically reduce the lucrative market for vaccines and boosters – what many panelists believe motivates the rush to jab. More than 200 million Americans will have been infected after the Delta wave, McCullough estimates, broadening that population greatly. 

Physicians at the summit left room for some to be vaccinated, including people whose compromised health puts them at risk for severe illness. Malone supports vaccination for high-risk groups, though he told me, “That may change as additional data become available.”

As it stands, however, the vast majority of Americans would be vaccinated under government recommendations that, if mandated by workplaces, schools and municipal governments, leave few exceptions.

‘Unmitigated corruption’

While the urgency of vaccinations took center stage, the failure to treat people at the first sign of COVID – and its immense consequences — was cited as the product of a corrupt, Pharma-controlled system and government.

In a stirring talk, Pierre Kory, president of Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance and a voice for early treatment, pointed to a litany of methods that science journals, media and government have used to effectively deny care with inexpensive “repurposed” drugs like ivermectin.

Among them: Refusal to publish pro-treatment scientific papers and retraction, under pressure, of others. Insistence on pricey randomized control trials while not funding them. A double standard that has Merck’s expensive molnupiravir poised to become a prime outpatient drug, based on one pharma-sponsored trial, while tossing aside dozens of studies favoring ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and other potential treatments. Rejection of the clinical experience of hundreds of doctors who have seen early treatment drugs keep people out of hospitals and coffins. 

Having had “a front-row seat on the war on ivermectin,” Kory described in two words the reason for the monumental failure to treat COVID: “Regulatory capture.” In short, the alphabet agencies – NIH, CDC, FDA – aren’t making the decisions.  

“It’s well described that all of those agencies are literally run by Pharma,” he said. “If you want to keep your job, you let the leaders do what they do.” This has led, he said, to unmitigated and repeated acts of corruption, which are hurting public health.”

‘Get sicker’

 While Kory has strongly supported ivermectin – and several doctors in the audience said they had great success with it – he and others said there are other perhaps two dozen compounds that could help early. Nonetheless, public health leaders are silent on recommending any. Among them: aspirin, budesonide, colchicine, curcumin, melatonin, nitazoxanide, quercetin, zinc and vitamins C and D. Even a highly favorable trial on fluvoxamine has failed to earn the government’s endorsement.

“They tell you to go home and get sicker and come back and see us when you’re really sick and your body’s damaged,” Malone said. “Ask yourself, ‘does this make sense?’”

At the same time, speakers dismissed the unsupported contention that unvaccinated children are a threat to adults — who even when vaccinated can themselves get and spread COVID. “Children are not superspreaders,” said Urso. Further, said Malone, “It’s not the kids responsibility to protect the elders.”

It is, however, the responsibility of public health agencies to live up to protecting the public. Instead, said Dr. Bruce Boros, owner of three urgent care centers in the Florida Keys, they thwart doctors at every turn.

“We’re getting the shit kicked out of us, there’s nowhere to go,” he told me.

“The CEOs and administrators of hospitals are threatening us. You’re going to be fired. You must walk in lockstep with our standard of care.”

After recounting harrowing experiences in New York City ICUs early in the pandemic, a critical care physician, Dr. Mollie James, concluded with this: “Doctors must not be blocked from prescribing life-saving medicine in the hospital. Doctors must not be blocked from giving life-saving treatment outpatient.”


Mary Beth Pfeiffer is an investigative journalist and author of two books; she has written more than 20 articles on early treatment of COVID since March of 2020. Follow her on Twitter: @marybethpf


  1. I think we need to get some principles established with regard to natural immunity:

    First, if someone tested positive, at some time, but didn’t get sick then they shouldn’t assume they have immunity because it might have been a false positive. Right? I’d like to know what the doctors from the Summit think with regard to how many positive tests are false. Anyone know?

    [And, if a great many of the positive tests have been false then 1) there’s correspondingly less natural herd immunity and 2) the percentage of true infections which become serious illness or death is greater than currently being estimate. Virologist Henry Niman was saying, early on, that with SARS-CoV-1 the 10% CFR only applied to people who truly had “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome,” not people who were asymptomatic or didn’t get very sick. I don’t believe there are any statistics with regard to how many of those people there were, I couldn’t find on the WHO website. Someone correct me, please, if this is wrong.]

    Then, if they tested positive and had a mild illness early in the pandemic, they shouldn’t assume immunity because, according to Dr. McCullough’s talk, the test was initially positive when people had influenza and not SARS-CoV-2. I believe that was true for about a month, starting around March 2020, until they updated the test. Is that correct?

    Now I believe there are two tests to see if you’ve been infected in the past, an antibody test and a T-cell test, with the latter being more accurate. Is that correct and does either indicate the level of present immunity in any way? If not then is such a test possible and, if so, how much energy is being put into developing it?

    My suspicion is that people will develop different levels of immunity, depending on numerous factors, i.e. how sick they got, after an infection and/or illness. In the absence of a blood test which measures immunity, are there other ways people can estimate the level of their immunity?

    And again, I’m wondering how SARS-CoV-2 is different from cold coronaviruses which I believe people can get sick from repeatedly. Does anyone know of an explanation?

    I’d like to know the answers to these questions, if anyone here has answers. And if not then I hope TSN will put these questions to the doctors from the Summit and report their answers.

    1. thanks for pointing this article out. Though being well aware of the Atlantic, it is no surprise that they tried to destroy Mr. Malone. The Atlantic is the portal of all that is evil.

    2. If most of that were true do you not think Pfizer would have sued him? While it is true that he is currently trialling his own vaccine (with others I think) – does not make what he said very early on about the danger of the current vaccines untrue. He also advocates the use of affordable preventatives and treatments which is not the action of someone simply working for profit.

      The biggest crime is the suppression of those preventatives and treatments from pharma – they haven’t got a leg to stand on.

      We are seeing all the deaths and injuries in the data – but not in the blandishments coming out of pharma or the media. I have also recently seen Mr Gates (on video) state: “we need to make the vaccines better,” which I guess is the most you’d get from a psychopath.

  2. Great article and wonderful summit, my thanks to everyone involved. I do have some doubts, though, with regard to natural immunity. I’m afraid Dr. McCullough may have given people who’ve tested positive a false sense of security because, for one thing, their positive test may have been a false positive – with many people saying the high cycle threshold produces false positives (which, if true, means the CFR is higher). And I’m wondering how Covid is different from the common cold, also a coronavirus, which I believe people can get over and over again. And then there’s the question as to whether a slight infection with a small dose of virus and/or a relatively benign strain, which is asymptomatic or only produces mild symptoms, confers much immunity. I’m guessing the antibody or T-cell tests which are available don’t actually document immunity, otherwise they’d be accepted for various things in lieu of vaccination.

    1. This link takes you to the page but once you get onto the individual talk it is not working/clickable. Has the UK already implemented part of it’s online security bill (AKA Online Totalitarian Bill)?

  3. So I looked up the FDA’s Fact Sheet for Healthcare Providers…Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of the Pfizer-BionTech Covid-19 Vaccine…For 5 through 11 years of age.
    Information to Provide to Vaccine recipients/caregivers. On pg.11 it states the following:
    “FDA has authorized the emergency use of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 Vaccine,which is not an FDA approved vaccine”.;”The recipient or their caregiver has the option to accept or refuse the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 Vaccine”; “The significant known and potential benefits of Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 Vaccine, and the extent to which risks and benefits are UNKNOWN”

    Doesn’t this statement confirm the experimental nature of this program? Anyone who injects these products without giving this information has violated informed consent. Anyone who injects these products knowing the
    risks and benefits are UNKNOWN is a participant in a human experiment on small children. Anyone who compels these injections is guilty of Crimes Against Humanity.

  4. How long is the US and the world prepared to tolerate this onslaught to our health……even our survival? All these good doctors and medics know what needs to be done, but are blocked at every turn. This is criminal, but how do we get the message out when the MSM are onboard with Big Pharma and government officials?

    Yes, it’s true that a sizeable minority understands the threat, yet are unable to get through to the majority, that they are being duped and used as lab rats. Let’s face it. Pharmaceutical companies don’t make money from people who are well and healthy. They need sick people for their business model and the sicker the better.

    Heart disease, cancer and organ failure lead to increased sales in medicines and expensive treatments. These vaccines are already providing new opportunities for new drug sales, and we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. Every time another person gets vaccinated, the Pharmaceutical companies and their investors are rubbing their hands all the way to the bank.

    Is this really the future in which we would like to live? We need a workable plan to fight back. I’m formulating one, but happy to read your suggestions.

    1. Great to read you are working on something. One idea I had was to contact and mobilize all those who suffered adverse events from the shots in each country around the globe. And put them together in one location in their countrie like a public square or something and then to make all the noise, photos, videos, post it everywhere. I wouldn’t think MSM could ignore that and it would provide a sense of scale of the global consequences of the mass vaccination policy.

      1. This has been done to some extent by Donna LaFramboise on her blog Nofrakking consensus. She has numerous posts that document the plight of individuals who have either suffered from the jabs or who were otherwise affected – like being fired for not getting the jab. One video was made in Israel that runs about one hour and documents the adverse effects from numerous individuals. I don’t know if it is possible, but I would like to see those who have been adversely affected file a lawsuit against our government agencies – particularly the FDA given their roll in smearing Ivermectin.

    2. One way is to not be shy about standing up in various public forums like Facebook, blogs, comments to news articles in the NYT, WSJ or other widely read publications. In my opinion, this has to be done repeatedly in hopes that more people will read and share the info, but you have to provide sufficient detail to be persuasive which means many people will not read. In any event, here is what I put together and post with some frequency.

      There is a growing body of evidence that the vaccines are neither safe or effective and that these mandates are not only unconstitutional but unnecessary. While case counts have dropped in the US in many, but not all states, they are still high compared to states like Uttar Pradesh and others in India. Not only that, but countries with high vaccination rates like Israel, Ireland, and Germany are seeing new surges. Had Fauci and our health agencies embraced the repurposing of therapeutics like IVM and HcQ early in the pandemic, this thing would have been obliterated by July/August 2020.

      For proof, look no further than Uttar Pradesh, the largest state in India with a population exceeding 200 million – roughly 2/3 of the US. With a vax rate under 5%, they launched an aggressive campaign to distribute IVM in April 2021 and their daily case counts went from more than 35000 to under 300 in under 2 months from late April to mid-June – that is not a typo. Not only did case counts plummet, they flatlined and have stayed that way. As of November 6, they reported total active cases at 95 with 5 new cases and one death – in a population of over 200 million with now just 15% of the population fully vaccinated. UP is not alone- Delhi, Goa, Karnataka, Uttarakhand and others saw similar results. If you go to times of india / caronavirus, you can easily see which states have used IVM and which have not. The MSM has buried this story, and to the extent they covered India at all was to misrepresent what happened by reporting only on the overall country stats and not individual states.

      So, let’s compare that to how well the vaccines are working in the US.
      There is a growing body of evidence that vaccine efficacy drops dramatically after 6 months. Not only that, but the data shows that the vaccines are far less effective than Ivermectin across all measures – cases, hospitalizations, mortality, and viral load.

      As proof, let’s look at just a couple of states with high vax rates as of November 5. Massachusetts is over 70% vaccinated and has a running 7 day average of over 1200 new cases with a population of under 7 million. California with 61.7% fully vaccinated and over 4600 running 7 day average for new cases with a population of 39.3 million. Maine with 71% fully vaccinated has a 7 day average of 703 new cases – almost double what they had as of October 10 – with a population of 1.3 million. You can go state by state in the US and compare against UP and you will not find one that comes remotely close to UP’s performance against Covid for cases, hospitalizations, or deaths. And as stated before, UP is not the only state to see case counts plummet after wide-spread use of IVM. IN fact, anywhere IVM has been widely distributed and use has seen dramatic improvement across all categories.

      Next, let’s compare safety profiles. VAERS data show the number of adverse effects after receiving the vaccines at 856,919 from December 2020 through October 29, 2021. Of those, there were 20,110 life threatening events, 88,910 hospitalizations, 18,078 deaths, 28,112 permanent disabilities, 95,898 emergency room visits and 610 birth defects after vaccinations.

      Per the WHO database VigiAccess, which collects adverse effects data on medications used around the world, there have been 7,491 adverse drug reactions for Remdesivir since the drug was introduced in 2020, more than ivermectin has registered over the last 30 years. What’s more, serious adverse reactions from remdesivir are reported in high numbers. For example, in less than two years, those who have used remdesivir have reported over 560 deaths, 550 serious cardiac disorders (such as bradycardia and cardiac arrest), and 475 acute kidney injuries.

      For Ivermectin, per VigiAccess there have been 5,674 adverse drug reactions since 1992 with what is now over 4 billion doses administered. Those reactions have been mild and transient with no reported deaths. The largest reported categories for ivermectin include skin issues, headaches, dizziness, and gastrointestinal disturbances such as diarrhea and nausea. The NIH confirms that ivermectin’s primary adverse side effects “include dizziness, pruritis [itchy skin], nausea, or diarrhea. And a recent review of ivermectin similarly describes the common side effects as “itching, rash, swollen lymph nodes, joint pain[], fever, and headache.

      Yet the war against IVM continues with the WHO recommending against it and even in India, officials are recommending against it’s use due to pressure from the WHO. The war against Ivermectin is indeed a crime against humanity and we can only hope that those who waged it will face their own Nuremberg.

      For those that have read this far and don’t like that I point out basic data and may want to claim I am anti-vax, I am not, I did get the jab twice, but I am anti lying and we have been lied to by our government agencies and the media who made the claim that one of the safest drugs in the history of humanity, as reported in any medical literature you can find pre-covid, suddenly turned dangerous because covid. Doctors who elected to actually treat patients early on found that both HcQ and IVM were effective as early as April 2020 and they wrote letters to the NIH/FDA/CDC, but those letters went unanswered and were ignored. My bet is that big pharma is behind this and if you think that big pharma would not put profits before safety/effectiveness, read up on Merck’s VIOXX scandal or Purdue Pharma’s roll in the opioid crisis. And for those who say “horse medicine” is inappropriate to use are correct, but ignore the fact that there is a human formulation, and that many drugs are used on both humans and animals. Also, repurposing drugs for off-label use when there is no treatment available for a novel disease is not uncommon and pre-covid, was encouraged. It is time to wake up and push back against misinformation and government overreach.

      My sources include Trial Site News, The Desert Review, Johns Hopkins covid tracker, the Times of India, The FLCCC Alliance among others.

      We need to develop a narrative that is accurate and compelling. This is my shot and I welcome any comments, suggestions, corrections, etc.

      1. Do you consent to folk sharing your excellent piece? Also to alter as appropriate (as countries differ) though all main arguments remain the same.

        I got removed from a local village site after posting a simple video explaining why the Vx for kids is not appropriate.

      2. You need to make people wake up, to take their health and grab it firmly, do something before the problem hits. They normally do not do so.

        Sometimes 1 question is more efficient than 1 hr. of talking someone into taking a preventive spray he forgets to use after some days.

        Ask: do you really think you can not take control of how much virus can replicate and diffuse in your throat?
        (Bad example. Find better ones.)

        IF they do, numbers will fall.

        We have to obey the mandate: keep virus to yourself, until numbers are so low we really are a healthy world. Because otherwisesy, we are suppressed in freedom, to “protect us”.

        You can do this with quite nothing.
        Sea Salt e.g. and baking soda 0.5-1%: Nasal Irrigation 4x/d reduces hospital admission to 1/8th.
        (So useable preventively!)
        Use PVP-I and it falls to inmeasurability.
        (Preventively: 3x/week gargle with 1ml 7,5% PVP-I and 1-2ml in mouth and throat for 40s each. Spit out well.”
        Add PVP-I inhalation, and Covid is gone.
        This is only ONE example.
        (Some produce their own HClO by electrolysis of pure water and NaCl, done in every salt pool. Enough capacity for a city.)
        Leading to:
        EVERYTHING works against covid. Question of dose and frequency. And if you like to be thorough of efficiency and safety profile.

        EXCEPT the things forced by WHO->EMA->RKI command chain to our country.
        They lengthen the pandemic only like a chewing gum torn at.
        It begins with easy things: sneeze in elbow. <- LIE
        It DEFLECTS droplets. This is encouragement of underhand behavior: infect someone with a gun shooting round the corner.
        Better: Sneeze in mask while pressing it to face with both hands so no by-air or lift-off: by-jet is happening.
        Or even better because easily "at nose": do it all insides a cotton t-shirt or pullover (anything without holes reasonably filtrating the droplets) by pulling the neck line over your nose and try to catch all droplets in the t-shirt cotton, raft it at waist with the other hand if not tucked in a belt.
        It has a high filtration area, this results in low air speed and quite good filtration properties for the "big" droplets, not for aerosols, though, these are dealt later.

        Keep "some distance" upon nose blowing. <- LIE!
        (by omitting; Inprecise use of language, some SciFi movie said;)
        "KEEP 3m DISTANCE + ward off anyone wanting to enter the sphere for 30secs" would be correct!
        (Again: So sneeze cough and blow nose in a t-shirt. Washeable, if you can't walk out or it is not postponable.)

        We measured a common cold to infect upon 1x nose blow for 100% "efficiency" upon a radius of 2,4m (sitting in cone of 90°). Give it a bit safety margin, and you have your 12 feet you should have for the 100% infectious jobs around the respiratory tract!

        Superspreading is inevitable <- LIE!
        It is 90% of the R-Value, roundabout. So read on…:
        Just use a fine dust sensor to detect aerosol super-exhaling for you or curious friends.
        Normal: 50-300 Aerosols/Litre exhaled air.
        Super: 20,000-30,000/Litre!
        Do a game: who will be super-exhaling aerosols? Get a feel for it. Try to find physiological causes.
        Then use sea salt spray (perhaps enriched with CaCl2) to stop it for 6 hrs. May well be Xlear or Carragelose (or DIY iota-carrageenan or hyalurone or linseed glibber…) spray is even more efficient in preventing so many aerosols from taking off.
        See (CaCl2 Anti-SuperSpreading):
        A New Natural Defense Against Airborne Pathogens :

        I could go on, and I will pluck apart the whole list of "myth buster" web site, like "Salt water does not help". See instead this paper:
        Rapid initiation of nasal saline irrigation to reduce morbidity and mortality in COVID+ outpatients: a randomized clinical trial compared to a national dataset | medRxiv (Saltwater+( PVP-I vs. NaHCO3))

        Now to post-pandemic, if ever reached:

        Nuremberg II needs
        1) a (successful) war against big vax mafia globally
        2) leading to new power structures in every affected (infested) country.
        3) new power structures wanting to do justice to people

        I sometimes perceive covid as a test from higher place: for us to cooperate, to see it is inevitable, to use the x-ray-beam covid has to mark all wrong-doings and doers in due time, to understand each other beyond receiving a stream of words, to have higher motives than greed and might, to reflect, develop humanitarian aspects, and act upon them 100%.

        THEN we can act upon the true problems of the world, poverty and environmental protection and restoration. Which offers a lot to do and to earn good money.
        Where Pharma of course has a place and can dwell in wealth.
        But why upon the fear and agony of half the mankind? This is due to the existing system not promoting whole body-mind-soul health.
        Admit only hospitals that are paid upon patients well-being in terms of years they live happily thereafter, like it is done to assess a cancer therapy efficiency: here we long surpassed the pure brute efficiency and included quality of life
        Which of course you have to try to make measurable. But there are Pro's for this. Ask them to assess the measures of WHO or your government. They will get a "repeat the class" mark.