Digital Migration Therapy: NYU School of Medicine & Irody Inc. Develop New Smartphone Relaxation App

Digital Migration Therapy NYU School of Medicine & Irody Develop New Smartphone Relaxation App TrialsiteN

NY School of Medicine, Langone Health researchers teamed up with Irody Inc. to jointly develop an innovative new smartphone relaxation app called RELAXaHEAD for those who suffer from migraines.

Migraines A Major Problem

Over 36 million suffer from migraines in the United States. Frequently painful to unbearable, primary symptoms include moderate to severe head pain often accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light and sound, reports Specialty Medical Dialogues. Often, patients are prescribed medications and behavioral therapy but do not pursue due to inconvenience and expense.


As an investigational treatment developed by NY School of Medicine and Boston-based Irody, Inc, the app guides patients through progressive muscle relaxation or PMR. In this form of therapy, patients will alternatively relax and tense different muscle groups to reduce stress. The RELEXaHEAD is currently listed in in the Apple Appstore as a preview.

The Study

The study represents the first to evaluate the clinical effectiveness of an app for treating migraines and of adding an app to standard therapies (such as oral medications) under the supervision of a physician.

About Irody, Inc.

Irody, Inc. was founded by a group of scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs with backgrounds in vision and signal processing, medicine, epidemiology as well as scientific and medical research.

The company created a new category of therapeutic product called ActivPrescription—allowing people of all ages and cultures to power their own health. The company was founded by Eyal Bartfield. 

Lead Research/Investigator

Mia Minen, MD, MPH, NYU Langone Health