DIEX Research in Quebec Drives a Multidisciplinary, Collaborative Culture to Improve Clinical Research Outcomes in Quebec

DIEX Research in Quebec Drives a Multidisciplinary, Collaborative Culture to Improve Clinical Research Outcomes in Quebec Canada

A wealthy, diverse, dynamic, multi-cultural and bilingual nation, Canada wields tremendous influence in biopharma markets given its’ position as the ninth largest biopharma drug market in the world with a relatively small population of  37.59 million people. In the age of value-based, precision medicine Canada represents an important site location and in bilingual Quebec, research site operations such as DIEX Research offer unique collaborative partnerships for industry sponsors seeking to progress investigational drug candidates.

Who is DIEX Research?

A clinical research site priding itself as a one-stop, value-added partner affording participating investigators and health professionals a unique platform allowing them to participate in path-breaking clinical trials less the administrative burdens and headaches associated with FDA/GCP regulated clinical trials. Thus, participating DIEX Research general practitioners and medical specialists, possessing exceptional knowledge and practice of the health conditions that are the subject of sponsor client studies, focus in on, and take responsibility for the research projects as vested principal investigators with a concentrated and intense passion ensuring quality patient experience and safety with a commitment to high quality science. They have earned a number of achievements and awards over the years. Back in 2012, DIEX Research was listed as one of just a few Canadian sites achieving AAHRPP accreditation

Founded in 2006, DIEX serves three stakeholders including 1) industry sponsors 2) physicians and 3) patients. They claim that their unique business model their research sites rank consistently among the top 20% that recruit 80% of the participants in the global studies. With a track record of 350 clinical trials, they have developed a unique patient retention and compliance process to meet enrollment and performance goals.

TrialSite News cannot verify independently some of these claims however our research team did conduct a general search for any anomalies or regulatory findings and could find no negative data points.


Their network includes many other professionals in the region from radiologists and psychologists to psychiatrists and certified nurses.  Founders Suzie Talbot and Mr. Jean-Francois Lessard believed in an underlying culture of collaboration based on complementary expertise and experience—this drives performance-driven, high impact multidisciplinary research teams available to industry sponsors.

A privately owned clinical research company based in Quebec, Canada, they conduct clinical trials on behalf of sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs) covering Phase I to IV. DIEX has formed a tight network of 74 health professionals that participate in clinical trials. The research site has nearly 5,000 patients it works with and has conducted research in over 300 clinical trials ranging from diabetes and bladder problems to women’s health and osteoarthritis.

DIEX Research agreed back in April 2019 to participate in the larger clinical investigational site network called hyperCORE

Turnkey Support for Principal Investigators

The one-stop investigator service combines 1) business development 2) administrative and compliance services 3) patient recruitment and 4) ongoing coordination and monitoring services allowing principal investigators the luxury to focus only on the patient and their health in the context of the particular experimental treatment.

The DIEX business development operation secures partnerships with industry sponsors (e.g. biopharmaceutical companies) and maps the sponsor’s specific needs with a DIEX network of principal investigators’ specific capabilities and competencies not to mention the appropriate patient populations that can potentially benefit from study participation.

DIEX patient recruitment teams take more administrative burden off the investigator by actively seeking the ensure the appropriate patients learn about the specific and relevant study. Finally, DIEX teams of nurses can perform follow-up visits while regulatory affairs professionals work to ensure compliance.

Operations & Facilities

With three Quebec offices in Sherbrooke, Quebec and Victoriaville, DIEX employs approximately 50 full time employees. The facilities include three offices in Quebec serving the populations of Sherbrooke, Quebec and Victoriaville. Their facilities include a full range of equipment to perform assessment, analysis and monitoring of patients within the different research protocols. The layout and design supports the privacy and well-being of patients. Other facility features and capability can be studied here

Current Studies

The DIEX Research website allows for patients to search and filter for specific therapeutic areas, locations and indications. Current studies involve the following therapeutic areas: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Endometriosis, High Cholesterol/Hyperlipidemia, Osteoporosis, Psoriasis, Type 2 diabetes, Vitiligo, Women’s health, and many more.


With a refreshingly open culture, DIEX Research lists team members via a searchable website. Check to see DIEX resource by role, background and competency. President and CEO Suzie Talbot, BSc.inf, MBA has been called a “visionary businesswomen” in the local Quebec press.

Call to Action: Interested in undertaking clinical research in Quebec? Consider qualifying DIEX Research


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