Detroit’s Karmanos Cancer Institute Embraces Research as a Care Option & Launches Study Information Portal

Detroit-based Karmanos Cancer Institute, the largest cancer research and provider network in Michigan with 16 treatment locations, continues to invest to embrace clinical research as a care option movement with the recent launch of a new clinical trials study information portal (SIP) on A vision that includes a world finally fee of cancer requires a mission to lead the movement toward transformative cancer care, research and education.

Perhaps not well known but Karmanos has one of the largest clinical trials programs in America, offering patients over 250 investigational therapies at any given time. The research arm of the major cancer provider network conducts 800 cancer-specific scientific investigational programs and clinical trials per year. 

The center also maintains a Phase 1 facility (early stage safety trials), a participant in the Early Therapeutics Clinical Trials Network (ET-CRN) of the National Cancer Institute (NCI), part of the National Institutes of Health.

The Research as a Care Option Movement

About one-third of all cancer treatments now available are not available outside of clinical trials. That demonstrates just how fast the research and biotech sector innovates and advances new potential therapies and medicines. Hence, many cancer patients can only access the latest and best advancements via a clinical trial. The problem is that few patients ever participate in research: in fact less than 10% of all cancer patients don’t participate in research.

However, the nascent clinical research as a care option movement transforms this reality to a new one where patient referrals to specialists will include access to potentially relevant clinical trials. As the state’s singular hospital focused solely on cancer, the center takes the research leadership role very seriously while in parallel ensuring that care is done with compassion and understanding. Their partnership with Wayne State University School of Medicine augments the mission to promote excellence in cancer research as well as education and clinical care.

Sponsors should be aware of just how committed Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute embraces the research as a care option movement, helping to accelerate treatments from laboratory to patient’s bedside.

What Information does SIP Provide?

The newly launched website, integrated with OnCore Clinical Trials Management System (CTMS), helps medical professionals, researchers and the general public to search clinical trials recruiting at Karmanos.  This website allows users to easily search, sort and navigate through the many clinical trials available at Karmanos Cancer Institute including information such as principal investigator profiles, eligibility criteria from, list of studies on related-physician profiles and much more.

Key Contact(s)

Leading the charge at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute, Gerold Bepler, Chief Executive Officer and president of KCI as well as Justin Klamerus, President—overseeing the Cancer Hospital and Network—ensure efficient and quality operations in Detroit as well as the Karmanos Cancer Network across Michigan.

Call to Action: Check out Karmanos new clinical trials website (SIP)