Denmark Medicines Agency Scrutinizing Industry Relations in Effort to Rein in on Conflict of Interest

Jul 9, 2019 | Conflict of Interest, Danish Medicines Agency, European Medicines Agency, Regulators

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The Denmark Medicines Agency has initiated new rules requiring employees to dispose of any company shares prior to the hiring date. The new rules prohibit the recruitment of executives with pharmaceutical or medical device company equities.

The Danish response is based on ongoing European Medicines Agency (EMA) efforts to rebut allegations of pro-industry bias. Thomas Senderovtiz leads the Danes’ regulatory authority but back in 2018 was also awarded top post for EMA

An Influential Man

In that appointment, Mr. Senderovitz was handed the Chairperson role of the Heads of Medicines Agencies HMA) Management Group. HMA is a network in which the national drug regulatory authorities develop a common strategy, and its purposes include coordination, knowledge sharing and work collaboration on regulatory activities among the national drug regulatory authorities at the European level.

Denmark Seeks to Send a Signal

Denmark’s Danish Medicines Agency is scrutinizing industry to regulatory conflict of interest perceptions. Mr. Senderovitz noted, “The tightening is a clear signal to the outside world that the Danish Medicines Agency is independent of financial interests from pharmaceutical and medical companies.” He continued “The people’s trust in the authorities is crucial, and that is the consideration that has weighted most in our decision to change the rules.” With these changes, it is reported that with Mr. Senderovitz at the top he is aligning the Danish Medicines Agency in alignment with the EMA framework.


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