Deadly Fungal Disease Known as Mucormycosis Surfacing in Indian COVID-19 Patients

Deadly Fungal Disease Known as Mucormycosis Surfacing in Indian COVID-19 Patients

TrialSite recently reported that a few different therapies have been included in a national therapeutic guidance, including ivermectin and that Bajaj Healthcare was now producing a generic brand called lvejaj, for mild COVID-19 cases as well as a product developed by the Ministry of Defense known as 2 doxy D glucose. Reports from India are that market demand for remdesivir is high (U.S. brand cachet?) while a dangerous problem associates with mucormycosis, a rare infection caused by exposure to mucor mold, commonly found in soil, plants, manure and spoiled fruits and vegetables, for example. Impacting the sinuses, brain and lungs, this pathogen can threaten the lives of those with comorbidities, such as diabete, or severely immunocompromised patients. This second horrific COVID-19 wave in India has been accompanied by a rash of cases known as “black fungus” among COVID-19 patients both recovering and even those recovered.

Apparently, patients become infected after inhaling the fungal spores directly from the air. With cases rising in certain states, some of the cases need immediate surgery, reports the BBC.


Doctors and healthcare professionals are reporting the COVID-19 patients that start experiencing more pain as well as a redness near the eyes and nose associated with fever, headache and coughing, shortness of breath to more severe responses such as blood in the vomit and degraded mental status. A number of other observations are found and TrialSite includes a definition of the disease here