Cyproheptadine and COVID-19: A Discussion with Dr. Farid Jalali

In an important webinar series sponsored by Steve Kirsch and his COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund (CETF), Farid Jalali presents COVID-19: Serotonin Dysregulation Cause of Pulmonary Vasoregulatory Dysfunction Contributor to Morbidity and Death.  In this presentation Farid Jalali discusses Cyproheptadine, an anti-histamine,   and its potential use targeting COVID-19.  Dr. Jalali shares that based on numerous studies now COVID-19 risks associated with heightened platelet activation representing higher intensity than with other forms of disease escalation such as acute  respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and sepsis. The doctor argues that elevated serotonin associated with COVID19 is reversible via Cyproheptadine  for acute illness.  With ongoing studies, some real world data the presenters suggest the potential for Cyproheptadine for select COVID-19 cases.  Watch this fascinating video to learn more.


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