Cure Seekers Episode 1 | The Beginning: Dr. Hazan’s Way

Oct 6, 2020 | Digital Media, News, TrialSite News, Video

TrialSite News Cure Seekers

TrialSite News Cure Seekers started with a group of Southern California creative production professionals and Trial Site looking to learning more about COVID research during the entertainment industry shutdowns; an opportunity to leverage the team’s creative and professional talents to share with the world possible treatments under FDA approved study. The Cure Seekers meeting Dr. Sabine Hazan.


  1. Tom Woods

    Suggest you follow Cytodyn from Vancouver, WA, USA and their monoclonal antibody medication leronlimab.
    Very small biotech company with an amazing story on bringing a lifesaving medication to market.

    • TrialSite

      Thank you for the suggestion, we’ll take a look.

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