Covid-19 Expert Panel: The Path Forward for Canadians – TrialSite Webinar

TrialSite hosted a panel of experts for an informative and lively discussion about the Covid-19 pandemic in Canada, the governments response to it and the path forward for Canadians and the world in general. The webinar was very well attended with an oversubscribed audience also watching live on Facebook.

Meet our panel of experts

Bonnie A Mallard (PhD)dle, PhD
Professor of Immuno-Genetics
Department of Pathobiology
University of Guelph

Byram W. Bridle, PhD
Associate Professor of Viral Immunology

Harvey A. Risch, MD, PhD
Professor of Epidemiology
Department of Chronic Disease Epidemiology
Yale School of Public Health

Steven Pelech, Ph.D
President & Chief Scientific Officer
Kinexus Bioinformatics Corporation

Paul E. Alexander, PhD
Health Research Methodologist
Department of Health Research
Methods, Evidence and Impact
McMaster University

H. C. Tenenbaum DDS, Dip. Perio., PhD, FRCD
Professor of Periodontology, Faculty of Dentistry, 
Professor of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

Dr. Ira Bernstein
Family Physician, Health and Wellness Consultant

Michael Palmer, MD
Associate professor of biochemistry in the chemistry department of the University of Waterloo.


  1. Impressed by the courage of these doctors coming forward and isn’t it sad that it takes courage to speak the truth in this pandemic and that none of the government officials are willing to listen to and heed the facts and knowledge of the panelists. We are living in frightening times.

  2. Perhaps naive, but why can’t all doctors push back and all get together. They can’t all have their licenses taken away. There is power in numbers. The authorities are not listening to the experts on treatment. They are disrespecting the patient / doctor relationship. I have read Pierre Kory and Tess Lawrie’s work on Ivermectin treatment and the incredible results they continue to present over and over to show. The authorities in charge are turning their heads. My father had COVID ia month ago in a nursing home. I did not allow for him to get the vaccine because he had 4-5 years of blood clots in his legs and he just came off of medicine. When he was diagnosed I asked for Ivermectin and they said no. I then asked for VIT D, zinc and Vit C and was told these are not for COVID and I said I didn’t care, just give it to him. How outrageous. He is 93, and is just fine and cleared today. He was very, very tired – he had no oxygen decline, no chest filling(I asked everyday for them to listen in his chest), no fever. I would like to think that a smaller dose of Ivermectin may have helped with the tiredness, I don’t know, but would have tried as early treatment. I am not certain of this but my understanding is that if there is treatment, there is no emergency, which leads to no lockdown and the mass vaccination may be paused. This pause can then allow the manufactures to go back and review ALL the side effects and deaths and tweak the vaccine accordingly. Having a combination of a safe tested vaccine, good treatment and common sense will get rid of this virus.

  3. I have been hearing so many reports and reading many personal stories online, as well as hearing a few directly about women experiencing strange bleeding outside of their normal periods, even post menopausal women and women who have taken the needle to stop them getting periods etc, so should not be having this happen. I now read about a woman who said her normal cycle period came right after the bleeding post mRNA vaccine. Do you think this could be an inflammation response if the spike protein is accumulating in the ovaries and therefore the atypical bleedings are not periods at all, but just simply bleeds induced this way?
    An article referencing this phenomena if you guys are not fully across it.

  4. These panels are great. However. I think there should be unlimited time frames. I know they will be extremely long but just like in court cases, we only get partial information. This is the very first one I’ve watched on this platform so maybe there are others that are more open forum with no time constraints. Every time one of the experts raised their hand I want to hear what they have to say. I’m sure that the experts would agree to no time constraints and if they had to leave others could replace them. And moderators as well.

    But thank you for this.

  5. I would also like to add….I have not forgotten our elderly loved ones who are in nursing homes. Who is going to guarantee that our dear older citizens will not be further harmed by inappropriate actions and risky treatments? Who will answer for their injuries and deaths due to the use of experimental treatments, when there are safer treatments available? It is against the Nuremburg Code to give people any treatment without full disclosure of the potential danger. Do people understand that they are being used as part of an experiment when they roll up their sleeves for these injections?? Consent forms for these ‘vaccines’ (if people are even presented with one) warn of the possibility of unknown adverse effects. Therefore, if you take these injections you are taking a risk with your life. Those who inject vulnerable people with these experimental treatments must ask themselves: who will answer for the damage when it occurs?? If you inject children with these experimental treatments who will answer for the damage?? If you inject a pregnant mother with this who will promise, right now, that the unborn life inside her will be unharmed?? Who will answer for it’s loss of life??

  6. Thank-you very, very much everyone for sharing your observations. I felt relieved to hear experts talking truth. I am shocked and appalled that these injections are being thrust at the young people, without having been thoroughly tested, ESPECIALLY when there is so little risk to children. Everyone is more capable of managing viruses if their immune systems are strong. This should be the emphasis now. Also, safe and effective prophylaxis and early intervention with safe treatments MUST be made known. Making sure everyone has adequate amounts of vitamin D in their bodies is extremely important. People who use diffusers with essential oils that ably kill viruses can be used. Using a Netipot with saline water to wash out the sinus cavity is a powerful way to stop viruses from replicating in the nasal cavity. Nebulizing with a very weak solution of hydrogen peroxide and saline water is very effective. Even using Listerine mouthwash several times a day has proven effective at killing viruses. If our medical authorities are going to prevent people from gaining access to drugs like Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine and budesonide then people MUST take charge of their own health by preventing themselves from getting ill in the first place. As we have just heard, health experts are being smeared with impunity when they share sound science on the use of safe medications. This is completely unheard of. The complimentary medical professionals who have shared their advice have also been greatly censored for their proven therapies, too. People who want to survive these perilous times MUST take charge of their own health and gain knowledge! There are so many simple effective ways we can avoid getting run over by Covid. Don’t wait for the wreckage! Don’t get on the train at all! Strengthen your immune system! In the meantime, we hope these fine Doctors and Scientists will continue to pursue their research and keep on dispensing facts. Covid-19 appears to be one ongoing EXPERIMENT that we are ALL a part of.