Community-Driven Ivermectin Program in Area of Quezon City Appears to Cut COVID-19 Cases in Half

Community-Driven Ivermectin Program in Area of Quezon City Appears to Cut COVID-19 Cases in Half

Located next to Manila, Quezon City has 3 million people and recently a political representative from the Barangay Matandang Balara declared that the off-label use of ivermectin for the COVID-19 indication has reduced the infection cases in half in less than a month. Mike Defensor, along with Rep. Rolande Marcoleta, organized a community-driven, district-wide ivermectin program to residents in this district, reported the Barangay Health Emergency Response Team, starting on April 30. At that time, there were 138 cases. By May 22, the infections dropped by 57.2% to 59 total cases. By May 24, the cases declined further to just 39 infections. The local political representative argues for mass ivermectin distribution based on these and other observations. Of course, this isn’t a controlled observational study so a number of factors could influence the trend but it’s one that TrialSite’s observing in other places, such as Uttar Pradesh, India, where an assertive, population-wide program that includes ivermectin-based home medicine kits appears to be working in a big way.

COVID-19 Updates

By early March 2021, the Philippines experienced the second and far bigger wave of the COVID-1...

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