Columbus Regional Research Institute Seeks Participants for COVID-19 Test in Columbus Georgia

Columbus Regional Research Institute Seeks Participants for COVID-19 Test in Columbus Georgia

The Columbus Regional Research Institute is spearheading two clinical trials for people who have tested positive for COVID-19. Both single visit studies involve a single blood and nasal swab. The research organization seeks 300 participants.


Columbus, Georgia-based Columbus Regional Institute, LLC employs between 50 and 70. The firm’s CEO  is actually also the CEO of IACT, a member of the hyperCORE site network. Founded, in 2005, IACT conducts clinical trials.

Committed to Research in the South

They are actively recruiting participants for important, the single visit study focusing on immunity to COVID-19. Those who qualify and participate can receive a $50 gift card, Dr. Jeff Kingsley, CEO commented the study focus centers on how immunities are formed in the body and at what point patients are no longer contagious, reports Olivia Gunn with ABC WTVM. Kingsley continued on the importance of scientific research into COVID-19 at this stage comparing it to the common cold. Approaching 100,000 deaths in the United States (in just over a couple months), he emphasized we have learned a lot but there is still so much that we don’t know. For example, he introduced the recent Kawasaki type syndrome now striking children—no one knows why it is occurring with COVID-19 cases but research must be employed to investigate. And there are ongoing concerns regarding congestive heart failure, pulmonary failure and other conditions that must be better understood.

About Columbus Regional Institute LLC

Formed out of a merger in 2013 between Columbus Regional Healthcare System and Southeast Regional Research Group, Inc., the new joint ownership venture changed its name to Columbus Regional Research Institute (CRRI). CEO Jeff Kingsley notes CRRI is a multispecialty clinical research company with 5 dedicated integrated clinical research sites in the Columbus Georgia region. Performing both inpatient and outpatient clinical research as well as pharmaceutical biotech and medical device research, they focus on Phase II and III research which is critical data right before going to the FDA or EMA for approval. When they merged with Columbus Regional Healthcare in 2013, they joined a community health system including Midtown Medical Center, Northside Hospital, John B. Amos Cancer Center, the Children’s Hospital, the Neuroscience Center, MYCare Urgent Care, The Wound Care Center and more. Some of those providers are now part of Piedmont Healthcare—such as Midtown Medical Center

Kingsley is also the CEO of the clinical research site brand known as IACT, which strives to revolutionize research across the Southeast in more than 30 therapeutic areas. IACT reports that it is over 200% above the average research site in regards to finding patients. They claim on their website that they have contributed to over 80 medications achieving FDA approvals in areas such as oncology, cardiology and pulmonology. IACT is a founding partner of hyperCORE International, a network of clinical investigational sites that seek to compete against what TrialSite News tags as “Super Sites.” 


Jeff Kingsley, CEO

Call to Action: If you reside in the Columbus, Georgia area in west central Georgia and fit their inclusion criteria, consider participating in a study. Sponsors: if this group’s patient enrollment rate is as high as they claim, consider them for the appropriate trial.