CodeBreak 100 Study: Sotorasib Zaps Lung & Colon Cancer Tumors in Majority of Participants

CodeBreak 100 Study Sotorasib Zaps Lung & Colon Cancer Tumors in Majority of Participants

KRAS is a cancer gene has been studied for about 40 years, reports Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC). It is known to be associated with a number of cancers such as about 25% of lung cancers and between 33% and 50% of colon and rectal cancers. Until recently it was considered an “undruggable” target, but that’s changing as researchers develop targeted therapies to actually block the activities of these types of genes that are associated with cancer. Now investigators from MSKCC and other prominent centers report positive signals from the CodeBreak 100 clinical trial, investigating sotorasib, called AMG 510 by Amgen. The results are promising but not a “home run.” There is much work to do to cure cancer.

The results from the CodeBreak 100 clinical trial were recently published in New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM). 

The CodeBreak 100 Trial

Sponsored by Amgen, the CodeBreak 100 study (NCT03600883) commenced back in August of 2018.  Recently investigators reported results from this first-ever clinical investigation of a drug that directly targets KRAS. The multicenter study targeted 533 participants.


In this international based clinical trial in...

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