Clinical Trials Vital Health Care Option in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas Clinical Trial

Dr. Russell Gollard, of the Las Vegas Sun, reports that Las Vegas’ health and clinical research ecosystem advances by the year here. Why?  How about the establishment of the University of Las Vegas (UNLV) School of Medicine and the expansion of other medical schools in the region such as Touro University Nevada, Roseman University of Health Sciences College of Medicine and the Nevada State College of Nursing and their ongoing commitment to ensuring quality, ground-breaking care.

The clinical research ecosystem rapidly grows in this sprawling desert city.  Dr. Gollard ran a search and found 2,000 clinical trials in Southern Nevada alone.

Clinical Trial Sampling in Las Vegas

Research site OptumCare Cancer Center has launched a multinational Phase III clinical trial aimed at reducing the incidence of inflammation in patients receiving chemotherapy radiation for head and neck cancer, led by Principal Investigator Dr. K. Saad Jahangir. The study has opened in alliance with the Nevada Cancer Research Foundation.

They are testing an immune modulator. “The intent is to use this immune modulator medication to reduce the incidence of oral inflammation and ulcer formation caused by chemo-radiation therapy,” said Jahangir. The goal is to make chemotherapy and radiation therapy more tolerable for patients so that they can continue their therapies on schedule without delays and potential hospitalizations.

Las Vegas as a Patient Recruitment Mecca

Las Vegas has grown into a large city with nearly 700,000 in the city proper and the metro approaching 2.3 million.   Major clinical sponsors need to test therapies on a diverse population.  Las Vegas proper reflects a diversified and dynamic metropolis—its population is 47.9% white, 31.5% Latino, 11% African American and Asian 6%.