Clinical Trials can Offer High Quality Care Options at no Cost in Salt Lake City, Utah

Clinical Trials can Offer High Quality Care Options at no Cost in Salt Lake City, Utah

JBR Clinical Research recently discussed clinical trials in Salt Lake City with CBS KUTV 2. JBR Clinical Research, part of CenExcel Clinical Research, conducts pain studies involving procedures such as wisdom tooth removal and bunion surgery. News anchor Kari learns how those individuals who seek to get their wisdom tooth pulled can not only reduce pain but also save money thanks to the clinical investigational services of CenExcel.

Clinical Research as a Care Option

In the Salt Lake City metro, with a population of 1.2 million, the median household income is just under $50,000. Salt Lake City is known for big households—in fact Utah as a state produces more children proportionally than any other state and has the largest household size. This means that families must stretch more. Not all families have dental insurance and those that do mostly have limitations and hence face large dental bills—frequently in the many thousands per family.

CenExcel’s Salt Lake City operation (aka JBR Clinical Research) Dr. Todd Berotch, MD discussed the value of participating in clinical trials.  For example he emphasized the level and quality of care will be better than the regular health care system.  TrialSite News had toured their Salt Lake City facility and can verify they run a comprehensive facility for procedures involving pain studies. Moreover, not only is the procedure at no cost but patients may be eligible for compensation.

So, in the Salt Lake City metro area, if an individual seeks to have a tooth removed, and the procedures fits into one of the clinical investigators studies (and the patient is eligible) they can receive a no-cost wisdom removal for example. Not to mention a greater level of care as opposed to what many would experience at a commercial dental and medical centers.

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