Clinical Trials and Research News Weekly Roundup | Does Ivermectin Take a Quantum Leap? Prominent Physicians Think So


Does Ivermectin Take a Quantum Leap? Prominent Physicians Think So:
Dr. Choudhury Hasan, an associate clinical professor working for Mount Sinai Health System in New York, and Pauline Francisca Gomes a research fellow with the Shomman Foundation in Bangladesh, recently authored a piece arguing that mounting evidence supports Ivermectin as a possible treatment against the novel coronavirus. Although there have been a couple of vaccines authorized under emergency use, up to 40% of the American public are leery of accepting this as an option in the short run. Little is known of the long-term benefit of these experimental vaccines, other than after a few months of data covering just a couple hundred individuals that fell ill to the pathogen, no one can say the true efficacy nor how long immunity is ensured—if at all. Moreover, after $12.5 billion of public expenditure involving Operation Warp Speed, there is little to show in the form of therapies as the novel monoclonal antibodies approved under experimental use also raise just as many issues as they do answers. But as TrialSite News has consistently published, there is an existing FDA approved drug, Ivermectin, used by billions annually to fight parasites, that evidences considerable promise, even as a pre-exposure prophylaxis targeting COVID-19. However, there are those who believe it’s too good to be true. How could so many smart people in the global power centers of research and regulatory affairs—both in America and Europe—not have seen this coming? At the same time, you have the general media doing nominal coverage at best, even going so far as to bash those that even dare to question the current narrative about COVID-19.

California Nurse Succumbs to COVID-19 Despite #Vaccination from #Pfizer: Expected Scenario:

A California nurse recently tested positive for COVID-19 after receiving Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. Apparently, the drug maker has concluded that this could be the case as the body may need more time for the vaccine to have the full effect on the human’s ability to resist and fight SARS-CoV-2. Pfizer recently declared they “will review all available information on this case and all reports of any confirmed diagnosis following vaccination,” in a statement recently to Reuters.

Healthcare Bedlam: Wide-Spread Vaccination by April? How About Fall 2021?
General Gustave Perna has recently discovered that chaos, uncertainty, delays, and confusion reign supreme in the first weeks of the vaccination programs. Operation Warp Speed, the initiative set up by the White House to accelerate vaccine and therapy development, production, and distribution scored a solid grade of an “A” on rapid acceleration of R&D and clinical development, perhaps a “B” for the middle activity (production) and what appears to be an “F” for the latter grade (distribution). Politicians in Washington made a number of critical assumptions, gravely underestimating the complex, dynamic, and diffuse system for purposes of crisis management, let alone even harmonized vaccine shipments. With no federal mandates, states were left to their own devices and in many cases took on significantly different approaches to combating COVID-19.


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