Clinical Trials and Research News Weekly Roundup | 9-16-2019 S1 E10

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Join us as we go over our top stories from the week:

  • Advanced Gene Therapy TR002 Moves to Phase III Clinical Trial for Mesothelioma.
  • FirstHealth Makes History Enrolling the First Patient in Immunotherapy Clinical Trial Addressing Cervical Cancer.
  • San Francisco-Based, Infectious Disease-Focused Vir Biotechnology Now Files for IPO.
  • Large Payer Cigna to Fully Cover Multi-Million Dollar Gene Therapies.
  • California’s Central Valley Center of German-Originated $28M Biotechnology Firm Investment.
  • UCLA Investigator Leads Small Clinical Trial that Actually Reverses Aging Process by 2.5 Years on Average.
  • Thomas Jefferson University-based Research: Clinical Trials Under Siege in America.
  • Genentech Reports Results From Phase 3 BLOCKSTONE Trial; Xofluza Reduces Flu Threat by 86% Following Exposure.
  • Center for Psychedelic Research Opens at Johns Hopkins Medicine.
  • Northwestern Medicine’s ‘Successful’ Immunotherapy and Autoimmune Disease Research Program to Shut its’ Doors.
  • Drug Makers Responding to Price Pressures and Start Dropping Insulin Costs.
  • Penn PACE: Medicine & Radiology Receive $8.9M & Build a Center of Excellence Dedicated to Opioid Use Disorder Research.
  • Rheumatology Network Interviews Clinical Investigator for the SELECT-COMPARE Trial for Rinovoq.
  • Ex-NFL Player Turned Investigator to Lead Expanded Access Study With FDA Approval of Paradigm Biopharmaceuticals IND.
  • Microsoft and AstraZeneca Team up for AI Incubator.
    Tel Aviv’s IchilovHospital CEO Ronnie Gamzu: Accelerate the Digital and AI Initiatives.
  • KaiserPermanente Study Reveals At-Home Dialysis Improves PatientQuality of Life.
  • MountSinai Launches the Lipschultz Center for Cognitive Neuroscience.

Time Stamps:
00:35 – Cancer
02:30 – Clinical Trials
07:07 – Flu
07:51 – PTSD
08:48 – SiteWatch Challenge
12:35 – Opioid Use News
13:13 – Arthritis
15:43 – Artificial Intelligence
18:22 – Kidney
19:43 – Neuroscience

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