Clinical Research Partners in Richmond, VA Recruits Individuals Recently Exposed to COVID-19 to Test AZD7442 (AstraZeneca dual antibodies)

Clinical Research Partners in Richmond, VA Recruits Individuals Recently Exposed to COVID-19 to Test AZD7442 (AstraZeneca dual antibodies) TrialsiteN

A trial site organization in Richmond, Virginia, known as Clinical Research Partners now seeks participants for a clinical trial sponsored by AstraZeneca investigating its two antibodies originally developed at Vanderbilt. The potentially powerful treatment was designed in the lab to protect individuals exposed to SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind COVID-19 but haven’t yet developed symptoms.  Individuals that fit such a situation could consider participating in this trial. Led by Dr. Robert Call here in Richmond, the trial site organization hopes to contribute to the science backing this dual monoclonal antibody-based product.

TrialSite provides a brief breakdown of this trial.

What is the investigational drug involved here?

In TrialSite’s Does AstraZeneca’s AZD7442 Represent the Breakthrough Treatment to Address SARS-CoV-2,” we articulate the rational for this study and the $486 million provided to AstraZeneca by the U.S. government via Operation Warp Speed and BARDA. For example, we asked the question, “What happens if one of the promising vaccines already endorsed under emergency use authorization doesn’t work for whatever reasons?” Or for that matter, what about protecting those individuals who for whatever reasons (such as allergies) can’t take one of the vaccines? Or for that matter, the high risk elderly that could be too old or subject to much risk from vaccine candidates?

In these cases, new powerful monoclonal antibodies are under investigation as highly engineered biopharmaceutical treatments targeting COVID-19. Originally developed by some brilliant academic scientists at Vanderbilt Vaccine Center and thereafter enhanced and strengthened by dedicated teams working tirelessly at AstraZeneca, now two Phase 3 clinical trials represent a quest to determine if the product can serve as both Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)  and/or Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP).

The Richmond Trial Site

Here in Richmond, Virginia, local media WTVR reports that Clinical Research Partners LLC now seeks a very specific type of participant.  Principal Investigator Dr. Robert Call shared, “Those who have a documented exposure to COVID-19. And within eight days they can come in here and we can give the antibodies to protect them against a possible infection.” He further elaborated, “It’s an actual antibody attacking the COVID-19 virus, two antibodies in fact.”

Formed in 2011, Clinical Research Partners offers high-quality clinical trials of new medicines and treatments. Over the last few years, the trial site organization has expanded the number of sites in the Richmond metropolitan area.

The team here is led by CEO Annette Bennett as well as Dr. Robert Call serving as President and Medical Director. Ms. Bennett co-founded the site after a near three year stint at leading contract research organization (CRO) Quintiles (IQVIA). With about 20-25 employees, the independently owned trial site has participated in major COVID-19 research, including a vaccine trial.

Lead Research/Investigator in Richmond, VA

Dr. Robert Call is an allergy expert having received training at the University of Virginia; he did his Internal Medicine training at Michigan State University, Grand Rapids Campus and prior graduated from the University of Virginia Medical School and School of Arts and Sciences, receiving MD and BA in Biology.

Call to Action: Richmond area residents that were recently exposed to COVID-19 may consider contacting Clinical Research Partner at 804-477-3045.