Clinical Research as Care Option Expands as Javara Inks Partnership with Privia Health

Clinical Research as Care Option Expands as Javara Inks Partnership with Privia Health

Integrated clinical trials platform Javara, offering clinical research as a care option to physician networks and health systems, inked a deal with PriviaHealth recently so that the latter can offer industry-sponsored clinical trials to their Privia Medical Group—Gulf Coast and Privia Medical Group—Georgia patients. The goal—let physician networks focus on what they do best while offering the clinical trials capacity and competency heretofore not easily achievable to clinical trials sponsors and CROs.

Who is Javara?

TrialSite News introduced Javara a year ago. They are one of a handful of ventures combining clinical research operational expertise with the processes and systems to combine with health systems to offer value-added clinical research as a care option as now health systems seek value-based care to their patients.

Privia: A Value-added Health Network

Privia Health employs three primary parts to their business, including 1) Privia Medical Group which offers high-quality independent physician network that removes administrative burdens from doctors, letting them focus more on serving their patients; 2) Privia Quality Network representing an accountable care organization (ACO) which recently ranked in the top 7% nationally; and 3) Technology as they offer population health management options that streamlines patient information and improves providers’ ability to collaborate.

Privia Health partners with national medical groups, including Privia Medical Group—Gulf Coast and Privia Medical Group—Georgia, to create a network of more than 2,500 providers in multiple states.  Keith Fernandez, their Chief Clinical Officer notes, “Privia’s proprietary, single table space, cloud-based technology platform supports evidence-based care, patient and physician engagement to help promote the delivery of high quality, cost-efficient care. Access to historical and real time data allows us to match the right care to the right patient including the high touch options provided by clinical research.”

Privia Health + Javara Equals Clinical Research as a Care Option

Javara offers resources and infrastructure to conduct clinical research and advance participation by initiating clinical trials to serve the interests of patients, while changing the landscape of medicine and health care. Not only will they offer new treatment options for patients by incorporating clinical research as an innovative care option but also provide state-of-the-art, robust clinical trials services to the biopharmaceutical industry to support the advancement of medicine.

The two have already started a joint effort on a clinical initiatives—initiating a clinical trial centered on patient needs in endocrinology, internal medicine, women’s health, men’s health and anticipate continued growth and expansion into additional specialty areas in 2020.

Jennifer Byrne, CEO of Javara noted, “The offering of clinical research within Privia’s care centers symbolizes synergistic goals of advancing medicine thorough participation and patient-centric care.” Ms. Byrne continued, “We are pleased to pave the way for medical breakthroughs in connection with physicians, care teams, patients and families who make advancing global health a reality.”

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