Clinical Research as a Care Option in Baltimore Offered by The Sandra & Malcolm Berman Cancer Institute at GBMC

Clinical Research as a Care Option in Baltimore Offered by The Sandra & Malcolm Berman Cancer Institute at GBMC

The Sandra and Malcolm Berman Cancer Institute at GBMC, a multidisciplinary team, manages clinical trials in the effort to bring progressive clinical research as care options to cancer care. But many in the community don’t trust clinical research. Hence, there is a movement in Baltimore, as well as the rest of the country, to educate prospective patients and their communities about the benefits of clinical trials.

Recently published in the Fox 5 News Baltimore, the clinical research as a cancer care option gains momentum in cities around the country, including in Baltimore.

The Stigma Keeps Many Away

TrialSite News has observed and reported on an intensifying effort by health systems and hospitals, academic medical centers, regional and local providers and specialized providers who increasingly offer advanced clinical trials for cutting-edge cancer therapies. But they will need patients, and this means that there must be more trust association with the providers and their associated clinical trials.

In Baltimore, Judy Bosley, RN, BSN, CCRP, commented in the interview that there very much includes a stigma concerning clinical trials. She reports that many in in the public are “skeptical.” She notes, “Sometimes people are just a little leery of clinical trials.” The local Fox affiliate offered some frequently asked questions for skeptical patients including 1) Who is qualified for a clinical trial? 2) What are the risks involved? 3) How much will it cost to participate in a clinical trial? 4) How long will the trial take? and 5) How will I benefit from participating in a clinical trial?

We recommend the reader interested follow the source to read the answers in depth.

Who is the Sandra and Malcom Berman Cancer Institute at GBMC?

This provider is a cancer care provider that is part of GBMC Healthcare. Known as the Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC), it is a 342-bed medical center (acute and sub-acute care) located on a very nice suburban campus that handles more than 23,000 admissions and over 52,000 emergency room visits annually. The group was founded in 1965.

Cancer Care and Clinical Trials

Berman Cancer Institute physicians from a variety of disciplines are selected annually as best by their peers for the Baltimore magazine’s “Top Doctors” issue. Moreover, the Berman Cancer Institute offers more than 60 research and treatment clinical trials annually through its affiliation with several national cancer research organizations and its partnership with the Johns Hopkins Research Network. Approximately 150-200 patients are enrolled in research trials each year.

Television Coverage

The Berman Cancer Institute covered the topic of clinical trials back in 2017—including broadcast on Facebook live—with the local news, and this is included here

Key Contact

Judy Bosley, RN, BSN, CCRP

Call to Action: If you are based in the Baltimore area and have a cancer diagnosis, you may want to consider scheduling an appointment with the Berman Cancer Institute. We include a contact link