City of Hope Expands Sizeable Facility into Orange County, CA

City of Hope Expands Sizeable Facility into Orange County, CA

The Los Angeles/Orange County metropolitan complex is a massive, sprawling human complex—by some counts, nearly 20 million live there—a spread out amorphous suburban stretch, for cancer patients living in Orange County. Those 3,200 or so patients that are seen at City of Hope in the San Gabriel Valley, east of Los Angeles, the drive is hellish and can take hours of crawling up through mind-numbing gridlock, despite in some instance’s, freeways with several lanes on both sides. The preeminent cancer center has established a 12,500-square-foot cancer clinic in Newport Beach, reducing the commute for hundreds of Orange County cancer patients who have had to travel to the health network’s central campus east of Los Angeles for up to a couple hours each direction.

Location Matters

One of the nicest places to live in Southern California, Orange County (“the OC”) pretty much has everything one could ever desire. But cancer patients, have had to face a 50-mile hellish drive to secure care in what already represents an incredibly stressful situation (one’s health). Now with the new expansive facility right in Newport Beach, the 3,200 Orange County residents that traveled up to Duarte last year will now have far greater ease of access geographically to the City of Hope. Located in the Newport Center, the facility includes a number of features, including infusion therapies such as chemotherapy and immunotherapy, a pharmacy and more. A patient’s ability to easily and comfortably get to the destination of care is a big deal. Patient-centricity in the provision of care and in research will continue to be a core theme as this new decade unfolds.

$1 Billion Investment

Working with $1 billion, City of Hope is establishing an OC presence—big time. City of Hope is inventing to provide for the future—soon. The Newport Beach location is just one of four locations the network is establishing in OC. Another is the comprehensive, 11-acre campus in Irvine, the hub of OC, in the FivePoint Gateway location—this location will also include a brand-new research center (e.g. clinical investigational site). Opening in 2021, a specialty hospital will open up here as well in 2025.

Gratitude Among Residents

For those that face cancer directly—either themselves or a loved one—the gratitude and excitement is real. The clinical research as a care option is saving people’s lives across the country. After all, about 20% of Orange County residents have had to leave the county for cancer care. Many of these folks now, of course depending on insurance access, have options close to home.

Commitment to Patients

Dr. Ravi Salgia, a lung and thoracic cancer specialist and chairman of City of Hope’s medical oncology and therapeutic research, emphasized to the press that the commitment to research and patient care sets City of Hope apart. He commented, “Here, we’ll have first-class leaders in lung cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, myeloma, leukemia.”  According to the Los Angeles Times report, about 10 accomplished physicians will be based at the new Newport Beach clinic.