CITrials: A Site for Mental Health Clinical Research in Diverse Southern California

CITrials A Site for Mental Health Clinical Research in Diverse Southern California

Sponsors that are planning central nervous system-focused clinical studies with diverse patient participation in California should consider CITrials. A Southern California-based clinical research site, CITrials conducts full-service on behalf of a myriad of clinical trials sponsors, such as biopharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations (CROs). The investigational site promotes its diverse breadth of therapeutic area experience with an emphasis on central nervous system studies. 

Recently showcased in Digital Journal, the research site reports on its interest in conducting clinical trials from Phase I through Phase IV, employing board-certified physician-researchers conducting studies in select areas, including Autism spectrum disorder, personality disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and others. They tout in the recent press that they conduct clinical trials in internal medicine to discover new treatments for hypertension, diabetes, pain, obesity, memory loss, and other ailments. 

Dedicated Recruitment Team

Patient identification, recruitment, enrollment and retention has been a persistent challenge for clinical sponsors and sites. CITrials employs a dedicated team to recruit and retain patients from diverse ethnic populations across what is one of the largest and most diversified populations in the United States—Los Angeles and Orange County metropolitan statistical area covering in addition Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. The CITrials team has learned over the years the importance of patient centricity—studies they support are confidential and the organization offers patients financial support for patient time and travel. They ensure that they take on studies that don’t require insurance coverage.


Founded in 2000, CITrials conducts Phase I to Phase IV clinical trials to further the development of medications to benefit patients, communities, and physicians. CITrials specializes in mental health trials, including those for Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Major Depressive Disorder, Alzheimer’s disease, Tourette’s, Stuttering, and ADHD for adults and adolescents. CITrials has a great reputation for rapidly producing accurate trial results in accordance to global guideline requirements. The company is owned and founded by Debra Hoffmeyer. The company employs approximately 50 professionals.

Clinical Trials

This research site is currently supporting at least 26 studies, primarily focusing on mental health and the central nervous system.


Clinical investigators at CITrials includes the following:

·         Evagelos Coskinas, MD, PhD

·         Alyn Anderson, MD

·         Myron Reiff, MD

·         Rajagopal Sunder, MD

·         Eric Chang, MD

·         Jerry Lee Dennis, MD

·         Diane Highum, MD

No FDA Actions

TrialSite News reviewed recent FDA actions, including 483 letters, and could find no evidence of recent issues. FDA FOIA logs did include some of the CITrials investigators as there were apparently some “complaints,” however these appeared to be immaterial and closed up.

Call to Action: Are you a sponsor that focuses on mental health and CNS studies? Consider CITrials in Southern California. For patients with mental health concerns, check out their current studies