Citadels of Curiosity & the Cutting-Edge: Academic Medical Centers & The University of Michigan Story

Citadels of Curiosity & the Cutting-Edge Academic Medical Centers & The University of Michigan Story

Michigan Medicine grew from roots laid down from the Civil War. The first university-owned hospital was in a converted professors house in Ann Arbor, MI. Today, this is one of the largest health systems in the world! All too often, we take this and all academic medical centers for granted, as they were the stuff of science fiction just a hundred years ago.

And in parallel, the evolution of all of the major academic medical centers in America is drastically changed. Patients travel many miles to receive care that’s available nowhere else, from teams of highly specialized clinicians.

Nearby research laboratories produce new discoveries and conduct large, comprehensive clinical research programs. These ‘three-in-one’ institutions are citadels of curiosity and the cutting edge. Learn more about where the idea for the academic medical center came from. Follow the link to the University of Michigan, a story by Kara Gavin and a fantastic video about the history of this great institution in Michigan over the past 150 years. America’s academic medical centers are truly special places.