Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU Expanding Pediatric Brain Injury Research with $2.9m Grant

Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU Expanding Pediatric Brain Injury Research with $2.9m Grant

The Children’s Hospital of Richmond Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) has received $2.9million from the Children’s Hospital Foundation to allocate more care for children who suffer brain injuries resulting from accidents or playing sports.

The Challenge

Brain injuries rank as a leading cause of death and disabilities for children. The hospital acknowledges that the medical community still has large gaps in knowledge when it comes to the effects on children’s brain development that necessitates more research.

A New Center & Registry

The Children’s Hospital Foundation grant to Children’s Hospital of Richmond will go toward creating a center that will be used to enhancing current treatments while expanding medial research into brain injuries.

The funding will support the creation of a pediatric brain injury patient registry that will help researchers both at VCU Children’s Hospital of Richmond and other centers develop better models of care as well as contribute to more treatments over time.

Gold Standard for Children

Moreover, the Virginia-based team will use the funding to connect and collaborate with other providers and research centers to raise the bar for care and treatment for children with brain injuries. The hospital gears itself up with this funding to truly make a difference and develop a Gold Standard of care for these children.

Already, the Children’s Hospital of Richmond doctors are collaborating with other investigators on several studies around the country in a quest to raise the bar of evidence-based care for this critically important patient population.

Leading the New Center

Katherine Dec, MD and Nikki Miller Ferguson, MD and Alia Marie Iqbal O’Meara, MD, will lead the mew traumatic brain injury center. The key for this team will be to work with the patients and families to access truly the best evidence-based care for brain injuries.

The new grant includes research equipment, renovated lab space, and the registry as part of the overall three-year philanthropic package.

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Lead Research/Investigators

Katherine Dec, MD

Nikki Miller Ferguson, MD

Alia Marie Iqbal O’Meara, MD