Child Site-Focused Network Seeks to Accelerate Study Activation for Pediatric Trials  with Central IRB

The Institute for Advanced Clinical Trials for Children (I-ACT for Children) has selected Advarra to provide central institutional review board (IRB) services to their pediatric clinical trial site network. The independent non-profit organization believes all children deserve innovative medical therapies developed with the same level of urgency as commitment as seen today for adults.

I-ACT for Children seeks to optimize and accelerate biomedical innovation using child-centered clinical trial networks, collaborating with institutions, trial sponsors and other stakeholders. I-ACT for Children selected Advarra with the goal of accelerating site startup and supporting timely completion of global pediatric studies.

The I-ACT for Children Site Network currently includes 44 U.S. pediatric research sites.  Their projects are organized by 1) Pre-Competitive Projects and 2) Member-Specific Projects.

About I-ACT for Children
I-ACT for Children is a 501(c)3 that serves as a neutral and independent organization on behalf of children everywhere.  It brings a dedicated voice to the advancement of new medicines and devices needed now and in the future. It engages public and private stakeholders through research and education to ensure that healthcare for children is continually improved by enhancing the awareness of, support for and success of pediatric clinical trials.

About Advarra
Advarra, headquartered in Columbia, MD, provides institutional review board (IRB), institutional biosafety committee (IBC), and global research compliance services to clinical trial sponsors, CROs, hospital systems, academic medical centers, and investigators. Its robust regulatory expertise and innovative technology ensure the highest standards of research review are met, while putting participants first and meeting complex human research protection oversight requirements. Advarra supports all phases of research across multiple therapeutic areas.

Advarra and IRB Consolidation

Advarra has been a catalyst, in IRB market consolidation. Actually the result of the merger between major central IRB players Chesapeake IRB and Schulman IRB, Advarra is already owned by private equity group Linden Partners. The central IRB most recently facilitated more acquisitions with picking up of Quorum Review IRB and Kinetiq Research and Technology Consulting in March 2019.