Challenge to the Scientific Community – It’s Time for Honest and Open Debate on Vaccine Safety

TrialSite has published articles that counter the mainstream narrative promoted by the CDC, NIH, and the US government. While we have been criticized, we believe that transparent and open debate is the best way to uncover the risks as well as the benefits. The authors we have presented on TrialSite are experts in their fields with decades of experience and impeccable credentials. Silencing scientists and physicians with smear campaigns, bans, and threats strikes us as Un-American, and contrary to the public interest.

With disagreement on COVID vaccines reaching fever pitch, it’s time for the scientific community to embrace open and transparent debate on the issue of vaccine safety.

Our Challenge to the Scientific Community

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Steve Kirsch has assembled a group of experts that are willing to debate a similarly credentialed group of pro-vaccine scientists on the issue of vaccine safety.

Two key issues will be addressed in the debate:

Kirsch and his team have asserted that over 150,000 Americans have been killed by the COVID vaccines and that they can defend that number using multiple methods. They also point out that the peer-reviewed scie...

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