CenExel’s Chief Scientific Advisor Todd Bertoch Leads Panel Discussion of Pain Therapeutics Summit 2019

CenExel Clinical Research, Inc. has announced their Chief Scientific Advisor Todd Bertoch, MD, will lead a panel discussion at the Pain Therapeutics Summit 2019, which was held this morning at the Westin Arlington Gateway in Arlington, VA.

The panel discussion is titled: Does Your New Chemical Entity (NCE) Work? A Fast, Accurate and Cost-Effective Paradigm to Assess that Critical “Go/No Go” Decision. As reported in PRNewsWire, Dr. Bertoch (a known industry expert on analgesic clinical research) and fellow panelists will mediate together on how to “determine the potential success of novel analgesic molecules as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.”

Analgesic drug development experts Stephen Cooper, DMD, Ph.D., and Paul Desjardins, DMD, Ph.D, will also be presenting in this panel session. According to their press release from yesterday, “Topics will include strengths and weaknesses of the Dental Impaction Pain Model (DIPM) and the Bunionectomy model for clinical research, issues for successful transition from hard to soft tissue models, and specific strategies to shorten development time and costs.”

With such immense and impressive experience under their belts, Drs. Cooper, Dejardins and Bertoch are sure to help many others with their explorations into analgesics, especially as they aim to replace the use of opioids.

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