CenExel Acquires Research Centers of America further Expanding Its Operation Across the Country

CenExel Acquires Research Centers of America further Expanding Its Operation Across the Country

Clinical research site expansion continues at a healthy rate as CenExel Clinical Research, Inc. (“CenExel”) acquires Research Centers of America (RCA), a Hollywood, Florida based clinical investigational site. This acquisition enables CenExcel to expand their “Centers of Excellence” to five of the most experienced clinical research sites in the country. CenExel continues to execute on a methodical strategy to own and integrate research units with distinguished records for both assisting with protocol development and conducting Phase I-IV clinical trials in their quest to become a high-quality national site organization or what TrialSite has coined part of a class of site known as a  “Super Site” organization.  This affords them the position to win more business from global biopharmaceutical sponsors.

Who is RCA?

RCA has operated as an independently-owned research company specializing in conducting Phase I-IV CNS trials for biopharma sponsors.  They pride themselves on delivering “solid science and apply strict adherence to GCP/ICH” not to mention continuous training in FDA Code of Federal Regulations. They seek to bring together quality and integrity of work with acceleration of drug development.

Founded in 2011, they employ between approximately 50. They report that they have conducted over 1,000 inpatient and outpatient clinical trials, ranging from pediatric to geriatric populations with an emphasis on Phase I-III mental health and CNS disorders, substance abuse disorders, and sleep studies. They partner with Fort Lauderdale Behavioral Health Center for psychiatric inpatient and outpatient trials.

Other Attributes

Another unique strength of RCA is vaccine development across a broad array of infectious and biodefense indications, including seasonal and pandemic influenza, ZIKA, Ebola, HIV, Cholera, Smallpox, Staphylococcus-aureus, C. difficile, Typhoid, and Botulism, among others. The Company’s on-site peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) isolation lab is certified by the Duke University Proficiency Program and earned the distinction of “Best Clinical Trial Site” at the World Vaccine Congress 2018.

Value Add to CenExcel

With the addition of RCA, CenExel now operates facilities in Florida, California, Georgia, Maryland, and Utah supported by some of the most accomplished and respected principal investigators and clinical research opinion leaders in the world reported CenExel.

Webster Capital-financed CenExel, formed by merger in 2018 with Utah-based JBR Clinical Research and ACMR, an Atlanta-based psychiatric research facility, touts a strategy of aggressive growth via direct business development and through ongoing “organic” acquisition-led growth strategy leveraging investment bank specialist Edgemont Partners who perhaps are the nation’s most elite bankers when it comes to the boutique area of research site M&A.

Value Proposition

The research site space becomes increasingly competitive with private equity infusions, expanding numbers of experimental therapies (including cell and gene therapy) and morphing trial requirements—the commercial sponsor demands intensify and institutional capital sees drug development research site services as a potentially lucrative business to operate and expand in—these dynamics are rapidly changing the market for site services. Now each site must understand how it will fit into an evolving and unfolding value chain that gets more complex by the year.

RCA, although running fine on its own, now capitalized on the opportunity to increase single-and multi-site studies by becoming part of a bigger, more comprehensive organization—without compromising their core strength—that is their particular approach and methods for undertaking clinical trials.

CenExel can enhance and extend its vaccine development and inpatient psychiatric research offerings—not to mention benefit from addition of key opinion leaders, while its network, inclusive of standardized processes and systems, can bolster and strengthen the RCA “therapeutic breadth, range of services and overall study volume,” reported David Blume, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Edgemont Partners.

Key Opinion Leaders Matter in this Business

CenExel signs on some key opinion leaders, such as Peter Ventre, MD who founded RCA—well known in psychiatric research circles, Dr. Ventre also owns Ventre Medical Associates (VMA), one of Broward County’s largest group practices. And Howard Schwartz, MD, RCA’s Chief Medical Officer, is a well known vaccine and Phase I clinical trial principal investigator; he has also practiced medicine for over 30 years and is a board certified internal medicine and gastroententerology. Dr. Schwartz has been very active in South Florida—lecturing and publishing not to mentioned significantly plugged into numerous Data Safety Management Boards.

About CenExel Clinical Research
CenExel Clinical Research provides unparalleled medical and scientific support in the design and execution of clinical trials. The attention to detail assures quality, reliable results and has helped CenExel to consistently achieve and exceed patient recruitment goals. CenExel Centers of Excellence have conducted thousands of studies, the variety and complexity of which have resulted in depth of experience, insight, and tenure of the principal investigators and research staff in each facility. The CenExel Centers of Excellence deliver the expertise, engagement, and results to ensure that their clients achieve their clinical research goals. For additional information about CenExel Clinical Research, please visit here.


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