Cedars-Sinai Enrolling Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients to Assess Use of Remdesivir Against COVID-19

Cedars-Sinai Enrolling Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients to Assess Use of Remdesivir Against COVID-19

Cedars-Sinai, Los Angeles is actively participating in the remdesivir clinical trial as an experimental class of treatment for COVID-19. The prominent Southern California-based provider is expecting to enroll its first patient this week. They seek patients to help contribute to the scientific understanding as to whether remdesivir can be a true treatment for this dangerous pathogen.

Cedars-Sinai becomes one of dozens of clinical investigational sites operating around the globe to test the anti-viral drug developed originally by Gilead and the University of Alabama along with the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases. It is designed to inhibit an enzyme that certain viruses, such as COVID-19, require to replicate themselves.

Cedars-Sinai Site Director

Dr. Victor Tapson, Site Director, noted that preclinical animal studies evidence promise as did other research during the SARS and MERS outbreaks. Moreover, Dr. Tapson reports that in some anecdotal cases Tapson commented remdesivir introduced significant improvement from COVID-19 patients. Tapson directs the Women’s Guild Lung Institute at the Los Angeles-based provider. Unfortunately, individual cases are not enough but rather “we need randomized, controlled studies to verify that remdesivir is both safe and effective.” Tapson continued, “That is why this clinical trial is so important.”

Cedars-Sinai Ramp up

The site pans on enrolling up to 30 hospitalized COVID-19 patients for this clinical trial. One group will receive 200 mg of remdesivir administered intravenously on the first day by a once-a-day maintenance dose of 100 mg for the rest of the hospitalization which could be up to 10 days reports Daily News. On the other hand the control group will experience an injection of a placebo drug that appears identical to remdesivir but without any active ingredient. 


The hope at the end of the clinical trial will be that the clinical investigators can compare and contract remdesivir and the placebo and look at data including clinical severity, hospitalization and mortality and safety measurements.

Lead Research/Investigator

Victor Tapson, MD IM/Pulmonary Medicine, Director of the Women’s Guild Lung Institute Cedars-Sinai

Call to Action: If you have a loved one hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai with COVID-19, consider this clinical trial.