South Korea


SK Biopharma and twoXAR Enter Into Discovery and Development Agreement for First-in-Class Treatments for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Using AI technology

 SK Biopharma, (Pangyo, South Korea)  and twoXAR (Mountain View, CA.) announced an agreement to discover and develop first-in-class therapeutics for non-small cell lung cancer. Under the agreement, twoXAR will use its AI discovery technology to identify a set of...

Huons Completes Phase 3 Trials for Hutox

Huons Global completed phase 3 clinical trials for Hutox, its botulinum (BTX) strain. Based in South Korea, the company offers oral solid form products in the areas of circulatory system, metabolic, anti-pyretic analgesic anti-inflammatory, musculoskeletal system,...

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