Monoclonal Antibodies


‘Serious Quality Problems’ at Eli Lilly Production Facility Used to Produce POTUS Touted Monoclonal Antibodies

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), not the clinical sponsor, paused a recent study based on serious quality control issues at a production facility of Eli Lilly and Co. Apparently, this plant represented one of the facilities the company was preparing to...

Sioux Falls-based Avera Health Joins REGN-COV2 Clinical Trials Investigating Powerful Monoclonal Antibodies Targeting COVID-19

Regeneron has selected a Sioux Falls-based health care system called Avera Health as a Phase 2 and 3 trial site for the ongoing lab-produced monoclonal antibody combination, known as REGN-COV2, targeting COVID-19. Avera Health, a fully integrated health system...

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