Challenging Pharma


Baby Pia Denied Compassionate Use: Something ‘Ain’t’ Right in Basel

Novartis just can’t keep out of bad news. They have denied a request from the Belgian federal government to make the most expensive drug in the world (Zolgensma at $2 million) available to a Belgian toddler named Pia who suffers from spinal muscular atrophy, despite...

Indian Research Sites, CRO & Investigators Blatantly Violate Indian Law by Conducting Nestle-Sponsored Clinical Trial on Premature Infants for Baby Food Product

A Nestle-sponsored trial has blatantly violated Indian law as a CRO, local research sites and investigators conducted clinical trials on 75 premature babies in five hospitals on substitutes for breast milk in complete contravention of the infant Milk Substitutes Act....

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