CATalyst | Indian Bar Association Serves Legal Notice on WHO’s chief scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan

In the first edition of CATalyst, Shabnam Palesa Mohamed engages Advocate Dipali Ohja (IBA), Dr Pierre Kory (FLCCC), and Dr Tess Lawrie (EBMC) about the Indian Bar Association’s decision to issue legal notice on WHO chief scientist, Dr Soumya Swaminathan. The 51 page notice, served 25th of May, claims as its legal basis the WHO’s ‘disinformation and censorship’ on the Ivermectin issue.

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  1. Professor Dolores Cahill explains why the mRNA vaccine could never be registered. She explains all the animals and babies died in her research. The world at this time is living a clinical research with the mRNA vaccine. There are 1,500,000 adverse events and this is in the infancy stage. There are as well over 13,000 deaths.


    In this video the top WHO scientist you are sewing is caught on camera telling about the dangers of vaccines..
    If the link doesn’t work please search:
    Global vaccines safety summit 2019, thehighwire..
    not enough people are talking about this video.. especially with what is happening with vaccinations worldwide!

  3. On the level of science these people can hide behind their demands for RCT, however in courts of law we must use the concept of beyond reasonable doubt and Ivermectin certainly fits into that category in terms of effectiveness which is why so many judges have ordered hospitals to proscribe it when patient’s families have taken them to court. Its not just the WHO which needed bringing to justice. Its government, public health authorities, big pharma, the main stream media, big tech such as facebook and youtube. ALL OF THESE GROUPS have been engaged in suppressing the efficacy of Ivermectin and are consequently responsible for the deaths of at least 2.7 million people worldwide. If we can prove this and the fact that Covid came from a lab then we are well on the way to dismantling the new corporate dominated fascism that has taken hold throughout most of the West. We must break the links between big everything and government, education systems, healthcare systems, legal systems etc. All of these things must be publicly funded, closely regulated and independent of any influence from sociopathic corporate institutions.