Cancer Trials Ireland & ONCOassist Launch New Cancer Clinical Trials Patient Matching Apps for Ireland

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The wave of clinical trial patient matching apps continues as Irish app firm ONCOassist has launched a clinical trial search engine in partnership with clinical trial organization Cancer Trials Ireland. Funded by a €25,000 infusion from the Health Service Executive, which provides Ireland’s public health services in hospitals and the community, under the QIC digital innovation program.

As reported in Enterprise Talk, oncology-focused platforms have become quite popular in the digital health space. For example, Vine Health, a UK-based cancer-focused tech startup announced £1.2 million in seed funding while Finnish health data science start-up Kaiku Health partnered recently with Amgen to align on a digital symptom tracking app for multiple myeloma; and U.S. AI platform tech firm Precision Health AI announced a new platform called Eureka Health Oncology offering practical AI applications for oncology use cases.


ONCOassist was created in 2012 and is a go-to app for many oncology professionals. See an introductory video.

Cancer Trials Ireland was established in 1996 by a group of cancer consultants (their founding chairman was Professor John Crown). Up to 2016, they were known as ICORG or the All-Ireland Cooperative Oncology Research Group. They have been a force in Ireland (including Northern Ireland). Since 1996 they have supported more than 15,000 patients participating in 350 cancer trials.

Call to Action: A cancer diagnosis in the family? If you reside in Ireland there are a number of resources including these organizations. Sponsors seeking partnerships in Ireland, Cancer Trials Ireland is a good group to get to know.


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