Broward County Doctor Using Ivermectin Off-Label Combo on COVID-19 Patients—It is Working & Secures County Health Protocol Approval

Broward County Doctor Using Ivermectin Off-Label Combo on COVID-19 Patients—It is Working & Secures County Health Protocol Approval

Dr. Jean-Jacques Rajter, a Broward Health Medical Center physician, and his pulmonologist wife are “pioneering” the use of the anti-parasitic drug ivermectin on COVID-19 patients. In fact, thanks to a recent health board decision, they may actually be healing COVID-19 patients with this off-label regimen. TrialSite News introduced the ivermectin Australian laboratory study, and a couple weeks later a small study in France. Now, it is reported that a Florida physician is using the drug off label on patients despite a recent FDA notice. When used in combination at the right time, the results are “remarkable.” His work is getting noticed: The Broward Health Board has approved the off-label protocol!

TrialSite News breaks down this interesting update from NBC Miami.

Who is the physician?

Dr. Jean-Jacques Rajter, Broward Health Medical Center

What drug is he using off label?

Ivermectin by itself and in combination with the treatment of hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and zinc sulfate combination.

What is his position on this care approach?

He noted to the local press, “If we get to these people early, and what I mean by that is their oxygen requirements are less than 50%, I’ve had nearly a 100% response rate, they all improve, if they’re on more oxygen than that, then it become a little more varied, some people, they don’t respond anymore because they are too far advanced.”

What if he waits and doesn’t treat them this way?

The doctor was quoted, “But if I wait, every day that goes by is another day when lots and lots of people get very sick, go to the ICU, many of them die and that could theoretically even be preventable and that’s why I thought it was so critically important to get this information out there.”

What combination is he administering to COVID-19 patients?

Just a few weeks ago he started adding Ivermectin to the hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and zinc sulfate combination.

How has it worked?

A couple weeks after he first tried this combination, he has treated dozens of people with “results so encouraging he called them remarkable.”

Will he publish the results?

Yes the doctor is currently in the process of publishing a scientific paper—he is some weeks out from completion.

How did they find out about this approach?

He noted that his wife read the Australian research from Monash University—the same study TrialSite News published!

What about the FDA Warning?

The FDA issued a warning, which TrialSite News published as well. The FDA notes more studies need to be done to prove its worth in targeting SARS-CoV-2.  They cautioned that the drug was approved for use in humans to fight parasites and not treat COVID-19. Dr. Rajter agrees as does his wife, stating that is what they are doing!

Broward Board of Health Approves Protocol

Hence the local health authority, Broward Board of Health, recently approved Dr. Rajter’s protocol for use in all of their hospitals! This means that COVID-19 patients at Broward Health Medical Center, Broward Health North, Broward Health Imperial Point and Broward Health Coral Springs might be receiving the Ivermectin cocktail, depending on their condition.

Not a miracle cure!

Dr. Rajter notes this isn’t a miracle cure. The message to people stays the same he reports. “Social distancing, stay away from people, wear a mask, which I took off for the interview, wash your hands, when you bring something into the home make sure you sanitize everything, that is really the message.”

Patient Story

Mr. John Reed is recovering at Broward Health Medical Center after going through Dr. Rajter’s regimen. Now in recover, reports NBC Miami, he was quoted via a FaceTime session from his hospital bed: “I’m blessed with God, I’m blessed surely with my doctor, I’m definitely blessed with my nurses because they are wonderful staff and I’m blessed with that medicine because I didn’t know it was gonna happen.”

Lead Research/Investigator

Dr. Jean-Jacques Rajter, Broward Health Medical Center

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    1. Matthew,
      Great to hear from you. A fascinating situation getting very little press. Even the Australian university study was not well covered. We would be happy to connect with you.
      Best Regards,

  1. It states in the article….Ivermectin by itself and in combination with the treatment of hydroxychloroquine. With all the new negative info about hydroxychloroquine, Is Dr. Rajter changing the treatment/cocktail?

    Thank you

    1. Eugene great to hear from you. And even greater question.
      We are looking into this now and working on scheduling a discussion. It appears to be a new form of combination. Through FOIA should be able to secure protocol as well. Stay tuned will update the network.
      Best Regards,

    2. There is no legitimate negative news about hydroxychloroquine.
      HCQ is a game changer by itself.
      The VA study was not a study at all and was worse than worthless. I will not explain here.

      Just now a review from Italy of the records of 65,000 patients taking HCQ for Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis, should a major protection from needing to test positive, and not only preventing from death, but preventing from hospitalization. About a 95-98% benefit, and that is without even adding Zinc or Vit. D or C, which are also helpful.

      However since rarely is HCQ+Zinc+antibiotic given before hospitalization (early) then for Ivermectin serves a purpose since results
      Separately there would need to be more studies if Ivermectin + antibiotic were given with HCQ (safe by itself) without more serious extended symptoms (verified by an abnormal chest X-ray)

  2. The NBC affiliate interview was almost 2 weeks ago. Is there a way to get an update? Every metropolitan area has a health department official that is supposed to keep abreast of activities like this. It would be good to hear if this treatment is still finding success, and if SouthFlorida colleagues are adopting the practice.

    1. Dear Dave,
      For example here is the Broward County Health website.
      They do have feeds for updates but it tends to focus more on recent stats around COVID-19; notices for health professionals or patients, etc. They aren’t organized to offer a systematic and comprehensive update on what is working and what isn’t working. And what we find is that these public health sites aren’t necessarily updated all the time–the frequency depends on a number of factors from staffing to budget, priority and focus, etc.
      Again thanks for visiting TrialSite News.

    2. First thanks for visiting TrialSite News and making this very important comment. In fact one of the reasons for the TrialSite News existence is this important fact you raise. The fact is that the healthcare system in America (and for that matter a lot of other places) is quite fragmented. One would think in a pandemic such as this one we are facing there would be central clearinghouses for off label drug use cases, for example. There are many good website that track certain aspects–whether it be studies or vaccines or certain drugs but it is difficult to keep track of it all. At the state or county health department level in some cases they are barely keeping up with the crisis–taking care of the sick and providing updates on websites but we think budgets are strained and often it is not within their mandate to track information at this level of detail. So TrialSite News employs algorithms to track and aggregate and in fact we are building existing new functionality to offer improved ways for individuals to track their research topics of interest. Sign up for our daily newsletter and you will receive any updates we have and we are talking to others in Broward County now about this treatment. Again we appreciate your visit and response. It is timely.

  3. Glad you published this. It is so important to put out this information so lives can be saved.

    Do you know if Broward Health will share the specifics of their protocol with other doctors and hospitals? This is critical information so they know how to treat patients. I imagine Dr. Jean-Jacques Rajter is being overwhelmed with calls since his interview with the media.

    Here is an observational study on Ivermectin you may be interested in

    My first time on your site, I don’t if you already saw it.

    1. Dear Yvonne,
      Thank you so much for visiting and sharing this observational study. We will read it carefully.
      We agree with you this information has to get out there. We have an effort now to try to get a hold of the protocol. Stay tuned–if we are able to do so we will share. But there appears to be something to this–and not a lot of published information. TrialSite News is committed to making research more accessible so we certainly will continue to work hard to get information out there. We definitely have some detractors based on the latest hack attacks but we’ll keep it going!
      Thanks again Vyvonne,

  4. Are you working on any preadmit trials with ivermectin? My thought is if people do home O2 sats and keep people out of the hospital in the first place, we can dramatically lower the death rates. I work at a small hospital and would love an opportunity to join in a larger trial.

    1. Dear Dr. Karun,
      Thanks for visiting TrialSite News. Of course this is a brand new initiative–the idea for this experimental, off-label use of this drug comes from the Monash University lab study where dosages much higher than healthy for humans were used. Then we found the small study in France (Medincell) and then this effort by Dr. Jean-Jacques Rajter in Broward County Florida. Interestingly we just published an effort at Tanta University in Egypt which is recruiting up to 160 patients for clinical trials there focusing on COVID-19 patients. We are currently working to coordinate a discussion with Dr. Rajter in Florida as we are interested in more specifics/details–additionally we are trying to get a hold of the protocol that was purportedly approved by the Broward County Health Board. This of course is in the context of safety issues that the FDA recently highlighted (and we republished). As soon as we find out more we will notify you and we can connect you to others as well. Make sure to sign up for the daily newsletter as that gives you access to notices and ensures you have a profile in the TrialSite Network-a clinical research digital community–including information exchange–we are building in AWS.

      Look forward to ongoing discussions and again thanks for visiting.


      1. It would be nice if Broward Health Systems published their protocol on their website. This will help other physicians (like myself) in other states to perhaps develop similar protocols. Also putting the protocol on line with the approval of the Broward board gives it more legitimacy than a news paper article. Please try to have Broward Health put their protocol on line. There is no risk that the general public will copy this as you need a prescription to get the medications. Thank You.

        1. Dear AJA,
          We couldn’t agree with you more. In fact your point is one of the reasons for TrialSite News (and forthcoming TrialSite Network) existence–to bring transparency to drug development so that over time more and better treatments are available to more people at what hopefully will be a lower cost over time. When it comes to the Broward County situation nothing would please us more than to help contribute to making such a protocol public. So we are 100% aligned on this position. We will do our best to try to help pursue that effort. You may have noticed as well yesterday we were the first media platform to publish the details of the University of Tanta (Egypt) Ivermectin clinical trials where they will recruit up to 160 patients with COVID-19. Same challenge in that they are not publishing the actual details in the protocol–e.g. dosage,etc. So calling for that as well.

          Best Regards,

  5. No matter what he says, it IS a miracle cure if he really was able to extend the effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine + Zn2+ + Antibiotic to a later stage where O2 levels start dropping to between 70 and 50% after being admitted to hospital.

    He is just being smart, so as not to ruffle any feathers in the medical community, whose support he needs.

  6. Very funny how the FDA is set to give emergency approval for Remdesivir, a medication approved for nothing, with a weak indication of improvement for Covid, but they are concerned about safety of Ivermectin a medication which is FDA approved, run through safety trials, and has been taken by millions of humans for over 30 years. It is also listed on the WHO list of essential medications, like aspirin and penicillin. Should the FDA not be throwing their weight behind immediate testing of Ivermectin on a large scale to see if the results of current studies are well founded given the encouraging findings so far. I realize the FDA concern is really about self medication as ivermectin is widely available and inexpensive, but for heavens sake do not throw the baby out with the bath water. Let’s hope the French and Egyptians prove it out soon, so we are not further raped by big Pharma paying for Remdesivir.

    1. Dear Michael,
      Obviously this is a controversial topic and ultimately we try to remain as neutral and objective as possible. The way we can contribute to this dynamic is to try to make as many people as possible (that are actually interested) in learning more about some of the research endeavors out there. Obviously it is understandable that the data involved with Ivermectin is new and it takes time to process and some of the first movers to study and identify in a controlled way the outcomes. Undoubtedly there are other factors from politic and influence to money, etc…
      We appreciate your attention and visit!
      Best Regards Publisher

    2. Follow the money. Someone will make billions if they can patent a treatment for covid-19 before the vaccine comes out. But with ivermectin there is no patent so nobody cares about using it.

  7. Ecstatic to see ivermectin (along with zinc) getting such notice. However, I am a little concerned that the way forward to an affordable treatment may be hijacked. Noticed a recent study on the amount of ivermectin needed to achieve a sufficient concentration in the lungs. The headline strongly suggested it wasn’t feasible to reach safe and effective concentrations and therefore not a suitable therapeutic. However, in reading on the results did show high safe concentrations in lung cells achieved , just not as high as those used in the Monash study. Is it possible that lower concentrations of ivermectin than used in the Monash study would be efficacious in treating patients with covid 19? Additionally, the article did suggest that aerosolized ivermectin introduced directly into the lungs may be a possibility. Why was the headline so negative?

    1. Dear Stephen,
      First thanks for the visit and your comments–we truly appreciate.
      Not sure which study (with the headline) you are referring —can you send us for our review.
      TrialSite News is one of the few media we have seen that writes consistently about Ivermectin. We receive private emails from different parts
      of the world getting tips that it can work. We have published articles about the French biotech group studying it now for SARS-CoV-2; We have discussed studies in Egypt,
      Iraq and have heard more in places like Brazil and Dominican Republic. There was of course the Broward County doctor we discussed and local news there reported
      that even the County’s health board approved of the doctor’s protocol–it was treating “dozens” of people with the novel coronavirus.
      We are watching the few studies we have written up carefully and will notify upon any updates.
      We have been asked if there is some sort of agenda. Of course with any human ecosystem there are networks of interests. You know, in the case of industries there are folks who worked as
      researchers and then secured a job in a regulatory agency and then head to industry. We know a lot of these people. They are good people that want to make a difference.
      Ultimately the ecosystem is driven by an economic energy and that energy must be fed–the system requires fuel…
      We will keep publishing the facts as we see it including the specific dosages behind any Ivermectin studies.
      Thanks again for the visit and please continue the comments.
      Best Regards,