Great Britian to Launch Large-Scale Effort to Find Pill for Early Onset Mild-to-Moderate COVID-19: Will they Include Repurposed Generics in the Investigation?

British to Launch Large-Scale Effort to Find Pill for Early Onset Mild-to-Moderate COVID-19 Will they Include Repurposed Generics in the Investigation

The British government is launching a taskforce targeting the development of a pill for immediate treatment of early onset COVID-19—that is, the vast majority of the cases that involve mild-to moderate symptoms upon early positive test results. Set up by Health Secretary Matt Hancock and known as an “Anti-Virals Taskforce,” this reflects the British government’s recognition of what many doctors have been calling out for the past year—treatments for early onset, mild to moderate COVID-19. After all, in America for example, most of the $15+ billion of taxpayer dollars gone into Operation Warp Speed vaccine and therapy development have been overwhelmingly for vaccines and then advanced therapies, such as monoclonal antibodies, which are not designed for early treatment for the home resting patient. With an urgency, the UK is thinking along the lines of the effort associated with the vaccines involving massive, intense pushes in partnership with both AstraZeneca and Pfizer. This new task force will be tasked with “turning the latest research of anti-viral therapeutics into approved medical treatments for coronavirus within months.”


In the Anglo-influenced world—whether it be England or in the United States—public-private partnerships led to unprecedented advancement in vaccine development as America, of course, advanced vaccines via Operation Warp Speed, and in England, breakthroughs came via studies such as the Oxford RECOVERY trial. Now Secretary Hancock wants to replicate this effort in the world of antiviral targeting early onset, mild to moderate COVID-19—perhaps something TrialSite posits should have happened long ago on both sides of the Pond.

Organization of the Committee

A public sector group is now putting together a panel of experts and researchers to not only join the project but also participate in the forthcoming research endeavor. The team is led by Kate Bingham, a biologist turned venture capitalist who was instrumental representing the UK government in securing 357 million doses of vaccine from six different firms. While no taskforce members have been selected a particular rule preludes Ms. Bingham from joining such an effort again, reports the DailyMail.

Will they Include Generics?

What about generic drugs—will the taskforce consider? They should. Take ivermectin with over 40 clinical trials covered in multiple meta-analyses the data looks highly promising yet regulatory to health authority keeps declaring more data is needed. Doesn’t society need low cost, generic options. This would be the perfect opportunity to include ivermectin in a large government-backed research program.

Call to ActionTrialSite will monitor this effort and update the network.


  1. Gee, maybe they should take a look at this Molnupiravir from Merck, which ought to be finishing it’s Phase 3 about the time this new trial gets rolling. Ivermectin of course, in the dosage range and frequency that has been found effective all over the world in tens of thousands of patients. And let’s pull out HCQ/zinc again and give that a fair shot, now that OrangeManBad is out of office.

    But if they’re open minded and well funded, and really looking at things that work for early onset and perhaps even prophylactic use, they could repeat the 3 or 4 mouth rinse studies from half a year ago that showed several rinses that were very effective. They could look at the efficacy of getting your vitamin/mineral/supplement levels up to optimum. They could look at taking a few puffs of nitric oxide (now that SaNOtize has shown trials success) or perhaps ozone, or they could even look at nebulized highly dilute hydrogen peroxide with or without a drop of nascent iodine. And why not look at the herbals as well, like echinacea, St. John’s Wort, Yerba Santa, curcumin and elderberry? You know, all the things that millions of people have been doing for a year now because no out patient treatment exists anywhere, many of which have already been studied and found to have anti-viral abilities. All the natural remedies with a long history of reducing inflammation and lung congestion. All the things that should have been looked at, at least in vitro back around Day 2 of this pandemic but were ignored and dismissed because Someday The Vaccine.

    It’s irksome that such an “investigation” (scare quotes because I’m cynic enough to assume that this trial is going to be rigged to “prove” how none of these approaches works) has taken this long to come about.
    It is very hard for me to read this and not react as “Where the *#$% were you a bloody year ago???”, and also difficult to not see this as yet another delaying tactic. It is only because the vaccines and their distribution channels are a failure that such an action is finally starting, 16 months into this with well over a million dead.
    Shame on you. Shame on the entire benighted, profit focused, history ignorant medical community. Shame on the media and the governments as well.

  2. Hi, I have been following all of the articles here and elsewhere about Ivermectin and just wanted to clarify something as an ordinary member of the public. Is my grasp on what I have read about Ivermectin wrong as it seems to me that all indications seem to point towards this drug as being effective in the immediate treatment of early onset COVID-19. If I wrong then maybe someone could clarify that for me, in simple terms would be appreciated as I am not in the medical profession or maybe someone could explain to me, if I am correct in my understanding, why there is a need for this ‘Anti-Virals Taskforce’ to be set up here in Britain? Or….is there to it than meets the eye? Thanks to anyone who wishes to enlighten me.

    1. IanB, Ivermectin has been shown to work beyond all stages of the Covid-19 illness. It will work as a prophylactic, that you take every few weeks, and lower your chances of getting the virus by around 90%. If you’re also doing the preventative daily vitamin and oral rinse routine, your chances of getting the virus are awfully slim.
      Ivermectin will work at the early stages, pretty much stopping the virus from getting into your cells to multiply. It works at the middle stages, when viral replication has about peaked, and the more pronounced symptoms begin to appear. At the later stages, even though the viral load has naturally decreased, Ivermectin does a great job relieving many other symptoms. It has been shown to work almost magically on late stage, intubated people on the verge of death. That court case in Buffalo NY is a great example; granny off the ventilator and out of the ICU in a day. It seems to help a lot with post infection patients, the Long Haulers. Combined with Fluvoxamine, an anti-depressant, remarkable long hauler recoveries are not uncommon.
      There is a ton of info, reports, observations, news article, studies, etc online. Tens of thousands of people have been saved and cured with it at this point. This is why TrialSiteNews has been such an enthusiastic supporter; the evidence is there in boatloads. The efficacy of Ivermectin has been known for about a year now.

      Sadly, politics and profit margins seem to have got in the way in so many places. There is almost no out-patient treatment of any kind in the western world, even though multiple drugs have been shown to help. Go home, isolate, and wait it out. If you get really sick, go to the hospital where they’ll treat you with this and that, no standards exist officially although many good protocols have been developed at this point. The entire pillar of early treatment medical care has been ignored with this disease, which is very upsetting to a lot of people. I am one of them, and have become an angry cynic at this point. It’s always “we need another study”. It’s always “wait for the vaccines” (which don’t actually cure you or give you full immunity). The bottom line is, there are a number of older, off patent medicines that can beat this virus, but there is no profit in them for Big Pharm, and many of these meds don’t require hospitalization to administer. So no money there either. Millions of people are being left to suffer, hundreds of thousands are being left to die, while dirt cheap effective meds are not just ignored but vilified in the media,and by rigged trials designed to fail. They are kept in limbo by governments, who pretend to do something by calling for another long term project and more studies.

      Ok, enough of my rant. Yes, there is more here than meets the eye. There is evil afoot; the “great reset” is leveraging this pandemic in multiple ways.

      1. Hi Andrew, apologies that I did not thank you before now for your reply but as I don’t normally log in to read articles here I never saw that I had a notification of your reply. Obviously things have moved on a great deal since my original posting here and a great deal more evidence on Ivermectin has appeared yet still no one seems to be listening in our UK Gov. I posted a video on my FB today which included a section on Ivermectin and low and behold up came a FB Fact checker sign saying not accurate and this is what they said in relation to the content of the video that dealt with Ivermectin “Unsupported: No reliable scientific evidence supports the claim that ivermectin is an effective treatment against COVID-19. Larger and better-designed studies are required to determine ivermectin’s effect on COVID-19 patients.” Lol the world has gone crazy. Anyway thx again your response was appreciated.