Bringing Advanced Cancer Care (and Potentially Research) to Central Utah via IHC Telehealth Oncology Services

Bringing Advanced Cancer Care (and Potentially Research) to Central Utah via IHC Telehealth Oncology Services

Telehealth platforms continue to tie together far-flung providers into the potential for advanced cancer networks offering clinical research as a care option. Most recently, Intermountain Sanpete Valley Hospital located in an isolated and mountainous part of central Utah, can offer extra level of support to cancer patients thought the use of Intermountain Telehealth Oncology services to local patients, including onsite chemotherapy treatments and consultations with Intermountain Healthcare’s team of oncologists and cancer experts from Intermountain Cancer Center. Now rurally based residents in this part of Utah can have access to advanced treatments right at home.

The Problem Before

Historically, patients had to travel to Southern Utah, Utah County, or Salt Lake County for their cancer care and treatment. Now, through the Telehealth Oncology service, patients can be screened, receive their care plan, treatment, and recovery – all close to home.

Technology-Enabled Collaboration Extends Advanced Care to Rural Areas.

From early detection to treatment, including chemotherapy and care planning, Intermountain oncologists and specialists will collaborate with local caregivers to provide individualized support and medically advanced care via video technology, reducing the need for patients to travel long distances to receive care.

Excitement to Help Others

The new program is led by Anne Swapp, RN who was quoted, “We’re excited to offer this new extended care in addition to our other out—patient services such as infusions, IM injections, and wound care oncology. This will keep our friends and family close to home.”

Comment on Telehealth Oncology Networks

As TrialSite News has noted, in regions such as the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California, local health systems and providers are using telehealth technology to build oncology care and advanced clinical research networks. Similarly, with this new oncology telehealth service, at some point advanced clinical research at Intermountain Healthcare could be available via the telehealth platform to rural central Utah residents.