Brazilian Pharmaceutical Company Counters Merck’s Position on Ivermectin Efficacy & Safety for COVID-19

Brazilian Pharmaceutical Company Counters Merck’s Position on Ivermectin Efficacy & Safety for COVID-19

In what can be considered a direct rebuttal to another ivermectin manufacturer in the United States, a Brazilian pharmaceutical manufacturer known as Vitamedic Indústria Farmacêutica recently issued a communication declaring that a report by the Merck-MSD drug group “on the effectiveness of Ivermectin in covid-19 treatment, shows its unique views on this issue.” The Brazilian company essentially communicated that Merck’s statement highlighted “its isolated opinion on the matter.” The Brazilian pharmaceutical company opposed the Merck-MSD document, citing studies conducted in the United Kingdom, the United States, Egypt, Argentina, Slovakia, Egypt, Peru, and Mexico, among other countries, which “identified the product as a potentially preventive medicine.”  

The news, which was picked up by multiple media, shared that the Brazilian company has declared that Merck’s declaration on the topic of ivermectin “reflects its isolated opinion on the matter.” They communicated that the American pharmaceutical company doesn’t produce the drug for humans in Brazil. Moreover, Vitamedic Indústria Farmacêutica declared “contrary to what the company Merck says, there is medical and scientific evidence around the world demonstrating the antiviral action of the drug. Dozens of studies carried out in several countries demonstrate the benefits of the drug, especially in the early stages of the disease and, for this reason, the international medical community and also in Brazil started to include it in the treatment protocols of COVID-19. It is a low-cost drug with low impact in terms of adverse effects.”

TrialSite issued an article on the Merck position essentially suggesting the great American pharmaceutical company had no choice but to downplay the data because of its financial obligations to develop competitive novel therapies targeting COVID-19. Merck cannot be blamed for pursuing its business interests but it shouldn’t have to proactively seek to discredit the work of so many researchers and physicians around the world. Rather, it could have just stayed silent on the matter—that would have represented the most prudent course of business.

Vitamedic Indústria Farmacêutica,

Vitamedic Indústria Farmacêutica is a Brazilian pharmaceutical company with approximately 250 to 500 employees.