Bispebjerg Hospital Study Reveals Hidradenitis Suppurativa Associated with Multiple Comorbidities

Bispebjerg Hospital Study Reveals Hidradenitis Suppurativa Associated with Multiple Comorbidities

Patients struggling with hidradenitis suppurativa face higher risks for cardiovascular (CV) and psychiatric disorders which often go unrecognized and untreated based on a recent study sponsored by Bispebjerg Hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The recent study was published in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venerology

The Study

The study team was led by researchers from the Department of Dermato-Venereology & Wound Healing Centre, Bispebjerg Hospital, in Copenhagen, Denmark. The study centered on a total of 302 patients with HS who attended a tertiary care center at Bispebjerg Hospital. The patients underwent a systematic examination of several systemic comorbidities, including hypertension, diabetes, obesity, inflammatory bowel disease and many more. Information on activities such as smoking, employment status, age at HS onset, HS severity as measured by Hurley stage and the presence of HS in a first-degree relative was also included.

The Results

As reported in Dermatology Advisor’s Brandon May, most of the HS patients had at least 1 if not more comorbidities (86.6%), with an average of 2.1 comorbidities per patient. The Danish study clearly identified a significant unawareness and undertreatment of CV comorbidities (76.5%). Se the link for all of the study findings. The study did include an “unvalidated questionnaire” to identify an HS diagnosis instead of a clinical diagnosis confirmed by a dermatologist.


The Danish investigators have a clear takeaway that HS patient comorbidity is significantly undiagnosed and that more multidisciplinary collaboration between dermatologists and other specialties needs to occur for the benefit of HS patients.

TrialSite News has generated a few articles on HS and the plight of the patient community. This is a population that needs additional attention and support.

Lead Research/Investigators

Astrid-Helene Ravn Jørgensen 

Call to Action: If this is a top of significant interest follow up and read the study results