Bioclinica Acquires Brand New Silicon Valley AI Startup to Automate Medical Imaging & Accelerate Digital Diagnostic Development

Bioclinica Acquires Brand New Silicon Valley AI Startup to Automate Medical Imaging & Accelerate Digital Diagnostic Development

Artificial intelligence (AI) will become an ever more important underlying force in the drug development process, from discovery through clinical research operations to regulatory submissions and market authorization. During clinical trials, the need for medical imaging workflow can be prominent, that is where even in one study hundreds if not thousands of patient images are prepared, reviewed  and annotated by investigators. With a move to digital therapeutics and digital medicine, AI will play an even more pronounced role. Speed is of the utmost importance but quality must be of the highest caliber—there are no shortcuts. Enter the huge potential of artificial intelligence and why a leading clinical trials vendor, Bioclinica, acquired Silicon Valley-based Saliency. If all goes according to plan, the integrated solutions provider will embed automated medical imaging workflows for those clinical trials involving intensive dependence on medical imaging. With the ability to tailor and configure to specific modalities and therapeutic areas, Bioclinica makes an important investment. All of this helps the vendor accelerate digital diagnostic development.

TrialSite suggests that the dependence on AI-enabled solutions will grow due to a number of factors and forces. With the need for velocity, quality and competitive differentiation, clinical services providers such as Bioclinica as well as the leading clinical research organizations (CROs) will need to continuously invest in AI-enabled solutions that drive notable productivity gains. The sponsors (pharma, biotech, and diagnostic and device producers) demands will necessitate such investments. 


Just founded in Feb 2020, Saliency is now part of Bioclinica. The clinical services firm will integrate the startup’s advanced AI technology into its Imaging Platform to support a growing portfolio of pharmaceutical and medical device clients. The goal: dramatically accelerate image Quality Control (QC) and interpretation, enabling rapid development of digital diagnostics and digital therapeutics. 

‘Head and Shoulders’ above the Rest

Why pick such a new and in all reality unproven technology? Well, according to Dan Gebow, PhD, Chief Innovation Officer for Bioclinica, the choice was ultimately easy. After evaluating a number of options for medical imaging AI technology out in the market he shared in the company’s press release “…the Saliency platform is head and shoulders above others in the market in its ability to deliver value for our clients.”

That’s because the Saliency platform uses proprietary algorithms to quickly build and train AI models from a small number of de-identified images. These newly created models can then be used to accurately and efficiently screen, redact, or interpret medical images to support a wide range of therapeutic areas. 

Now Bioclinica will integrate this capability into their current and future imaging solutions in accordance with EU GDPR and other privacy regulations. 

Who Founded Saliency?

The company was founded by Kevin Thomas, an MD/PhD candidate at Stanford University School of Medicine who held the CEO title and Lukasz Kidziński, PHD, formerly of Stanford’s Bioengineering & Statistics, acted as president and CTO. Both of the founders will join Bioclinica’s Image Science team, working to strengthen the company’s medical imaging expertise and offerings.

About Bioclinica

Bioclinica is an integrated clinical life science solutions provider, delivering powerful insight into clinical trial development, assuring greater client success in bringing medical therapies to market, for people around the world. Through deep medical, scientific and technology expertise, the company provides medical imaging and cardiac safety services; clinical adjudication; randomization and trial supply management and optimization; electronic and eSource data capture; site and patient payments; clinical trial management software; and drug safety solutions. Bioclinica’s global team of life science experts serve more than 500 pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and device organizations – including the top 20 biopharmaceutical companies and leading CROs – through offices in North America, Europe, and Asia.