Biocartis & Kite Ink a Deal to Develop Immunotherapy Assays


GenomeWeb reports that a molecular diagnostic firm from Europe, Biocartis, inked a partnership with Gilead subsidiary Kite. Signing a master development and commercialization agreement, the two will co-develop molecular-based assays on its Idylla platform that supports Kite therapies.

Biocartis Plans

This deal represents their ongoing plans to expand its presence in the oncology space with a series of immunotherapy and liquid biopsy assays on the Idylla platform.

What is the Idylla Platform?

An automated real-time PCR platform can enable the frequent and rapid monitoring of cancer patients under cell therapies in a near-patient setting.


Biocartis SA, a molecular diagnostics company, develops a diagnostics technology platform for multiplexed detection of bio-analytes. It focuses on integrated molecular and immunodiagnostics based on its proprietary micro-technology platform. The company develops and licenses a series of technologies to build a diagnostics platform for multiplexed detection, quantification, and amplification of bio-analytes, including proteins, nucleic acids, and small molecules. Its products are used for various applications, including analysis of bio-molecules associated with risks factors, early detection, staging, treatment selection, and monitoring of a disease. Biocartis SA was founded in 2007 and is based in Lausanne, Switzerland.