Billionaires Back Ventures Developing COVID-19 Novel-mRNA-based Vaccine Candidates

Billionaires Back Ventures Developing COVID-19 Novel-mRNA-based Vaccine Candidates

Recently, TrialSite News introduced the network to CureVac and the White House bid to buy the exclusive rights to the potential COVID-19 vaccine. Now Forbes delves into the billionaire investors behind the German-based venture.

CureVac made big news when the Trump Administration tried to lure the German venture across the Pond to America on an exclusive deal. Well as it turns out, the German scientists have wealthy owners behind them and don’t need government money.

Who are their Investors?

It turns out that three billionaires are major shareholders of the company. They include:

·       Dietmar Hopp

·       Bill and Melinda Gates

Mr. Hopp of course is one of the founders of software giant SAP and he is worth about $13.4 billion. According to press reports, Mr. Hopp has given over $1 billion into biotech investment. Hopp owns over 80% of CureVac. Of course, Bill and Melinda Gates need no introduction, and apparently Mr. Gates is quite impressed with the company’s approach—perhaps this influenced President Trump’s interest? The Gates’ invested $44.2 million in the company.


Another German-based Biotech, BioNTech, also has an mRNA-based experimental vaccine that will go into clinical trials shortly. They have a pair of billionaire brothers backing them: Thomas and Andreas Struengmann.

As it turns out, the Struengmann’s had a biotech venture called Hexal and Eon Labs which were eventually sold to Novartis (a giant Swiss-biopharma company). According to some reports, Andreas is worth $9.8 billion.