Bill and Melinda Gates Fund Global Ivermectin & Fluvoxamine Clinical Trial Targeting COVID-19: Together COVID-19 Trial

Bill and Melinda Gates Fund Global Ivermectin & Fluvoxamine Clinical Trial Targeting COVID-19 Together COVID-19 Trial

A Principal Investigator from McMaster University in Ontario leads a large international clinical trial testing drugs targeting COVID-19 including ivermectin, metformin and fluvoxamine. With a growing number of studies indicating the potential efficacy of ivermectin, as well as some evidence that fluvoxamine shows promise, this large study could potentially take the evidence to the next level of credibility. The results of this study could be available within just a few months. The study is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as well as FastGrants.

Led by Edward Mills, the Together COVID-19 Trial involves the McMaster research team as well as partners including Cardresearch and the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais in Brazil and the University of Stellenbosch of South Africa.

Ivermectin Gains Momentum

The growing evidence becomes difficult to ignore–and with Bill and Melinda Gates putting money into study the inexpensive drug costing less than $5 per treatment and which is on the list of World Health Organization essential medicines shows growing interest. TrialSite has chronicled ivermectin studies all over the world and organizations, such as the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) to generate meta-analyses of the dozens of underlying studies. A number of researchers and physicians now treat patients already in the United States with ivermectin while fluvoxamine also gains more attention thanks to research out of Washington University School of Medicine St. Louis

That ivermectin generates greater interest is despite campaigns with false and misleading information, such as the recent press release by Merck denying any evidence whatsoever. TrialSite posited that Merck had no choice as they spent over $400 million to acquire a  novel therapeutics company and shortly thereafter received $356 million from the U.S. government for COVID-19 experimentation. The economic incentives out in the market preclude low cost, generic approaches to treating the condition alongside vaccination and more advanced, novel therapeutics.

The Study

The Together COVID-19 Trial involves participation in Canada, South Africa and Brazil (with several study sites here) and are premised on the fact that as the pandemic continues to rage and billions spent by agencies such as U.S. Health and Human Services there are still limited effective pharmaceutical interventions and the reality is that mass vaccinations are a long way off especially in low and middle-income countries (LMICs). There is an urgent need for treatments and evidence emerges that common, economical drugs such as ivermectin and fluvoxamine demonstrate efficacy against the coronavirus.

Principal Investigator Point of View

Dr. Edward Mill was on the record, “The need for treatments in early disease is paramount. Evidence is quickly emerging that suggests a number of drugs may have promising effects on reducing COVID-19 disease severity in patients with mild to moderate disease.” Dr. Mills continued, “Our study has been designed to rapidly recruit patients to evaluate these potential therapeutics.”


The study is funded in part by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and by Fastgrants, a collaboration of technology philanthropists.

Lead Research/Investigator

Edward Mills 

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  1. If Gates really cared he would have done this 6 months ago. Distribute Ivermectin NOW. We don’t need Bill Gates approval. We need the president of the United States to declare Ivermectin works and distribute it for prevention and cure today (yesterday).

  2. This is terrific news. The outcome of the retarded study is not in doubt as existing studies have all the statistical evidence we need to justify widespread prophylactic use on ivermectin. The gold plated standard of phase 3 is the way the bureaucracy protects us from inexpensive remidies that damage pharmacorp business models.
    The FDA only approves new labels indications when a for-profit company advocares with lawyers and scientists teams. That is not going to happen for a non profit generic drug. So pharma stockholders can rest easy. Until the Gates step in, thank heavens.
    We don’t need to wait for a study to complete. The bureaucracy knows what the results will be. They won’t make us wait for the inevitable checkmate to resign to the inevitable. Treatments work. Everybody now knows it. And we will be guilding the lily to produce the gold plated study soon. Anyone still in denial will look like an outdoor soon.

  3. Agree with AlienWest and Sunda P. If Gates is involved be highly suspicious. Find the details of this trial, especially the dosage, the frequency, and whether the adjuvant parts (doxyc, zinc, D ?) are included. We have seen too many Designed To Fail trials at this point, because politics and profit. And yes, this is quite possibly another delaying tactic, either to pimp the forthcoming vaccines or because nearly all the Ivermectin trials so far have been done in non-white countries. It’s time to address the systemic racism in Big Med Research. It’s long past time to straighten out the vaccine distribution channel. And just as it’s high time to differentiate between "cases" and "infections", we need to accept the difference between "vaccines" and "treatments". If you can still get the ‘rona after getting these vaccines, then they aren’t actually vaccines.

  4. There is already enough evidence on Ivermectin to warrant immediate action. Is this a delaying strategy? How many more months will it take before the NIH and WHO act? The RNA therapy EUA was approved with less evidence and safety data.

    1. Do not trust Bill Gates. he funded the HCQ study where they overdosed patients with 4 times the recommended dosage and claimed that HCQ was a toxic drug. I read that they’re doing the same in this study.

      1. Wow. I will try to find this study. I do know that he funded the HCQ study at the U of WA where they claimed it didn’t work. This fraudulent study: (1) Excluded the required ZINC (the HCQ opens the cells and then zinc needs to go in to stop replication of the virus); (2) Excluded the Azithryomycin, which is part of the protocol (and even used by the successful French study in March 2020); (3) their hospital study gave Hydoxychlorine MUCH TOO LATE (Dr. Vladimir Zelenko of NJ or NY has been using the HCQ protocol successfully for thousands of patients since April, 2020–need to start the protocol no later than the 5th day after symptoms first appear; the sooner the better); (4) for preventative use they gave just the one HCQ tablet once a day and then compared the placebo group with the one getting the actual HCQ using the fraudulent, grossly inaccurate PCR coronavirus test. In the U.S. the cycles are set way too high (magnifies the virus) to 40 cycles. It should be set at 19 cycles. When set too high almost everyone tests “positive”. So it’s not surprising that both groups test positive. When the test sets too many cycles, dead virus, fragments of viruses and other coronaviruses are picked up. It doesn’t mean you have an infection. Also, the COVID-19 virus was never isolated or purified. The PCR test was made with an OLD SARS VIRUS–so it is not even a COVID test! It is a PCR general coronavirus test (3 strains are mild colds and flu; one strain is MERS; one strain is SARS). The CDC admits it doesn’t even have a sample of it. So it may not even exist. May just be another virus. I’ve heard from doctors saying that early in the pandemic they would first test for Influenza and if the test was negative, they would test for COVID-19. Almost all were Influenza. But soon they were told to only test for COVID-19. Hmmm.

        A clinical lab scientist (PhD in VIrology & Immunology) from southern California said last November that his research group tested 1500 supposed samples of COVID-19 using “Pope’s Postulates,” in observation under a scanning electron microscope; they found NO COVID in any of the 1500 samples. What they found was that ALL the 1500 samples were mostly influenza A and some were Influenza B. They did not find a single case of COVID.
        He said they did not use the B.S. PCR (Polymer Chain Reaction) tests. (In December a group of top German scientists brought proof that the PCR coronavirus test was grossly inaccurate and used 45 cycles by its creator, Prof. Dresden of Germany–to the W.H.O. They got the W.H.O. and CDC to change how they determine a positive case from just one test, to TWO (2) positive PCRS tests AND symptoms of COVID. I don’t know if they lowered the number of cycles. The cycles in this test are easily manipulated.

        1. Forgot to mention that this research team in southern CAL then sent the 1500 samples to Cornel, Stanford and 2 or 3 other university labs, testing the same way, and they got the same results. Then they asked the CDC for a sample of COVID-19 and the CDC said they couldn’t provide one (or didn’t have any). So this group was suing. The group researched and found COVID-19 was never isolated or purified. They don’t believe it exists.