Beyond The Roundup | Fact Checking The Fact Checkers: Associated Press VS Ivermectin

Fact Checking The Fact Checkers: Associated Press VS Ivermectin

Fact Checking the Fact Checkers: The Case of Ivermectin for Publicly-Subsidized Research:
On December 11, TrialSite News reported on a US Senate hearing at which, among other things, there was testimony urgently calling for more research and an EUA for ivermectin as both a prophylactic against and an early treatment for COVID-19. As we recently covered, there is mounting evidence in support of these uses, and definitely for government-sponsored research, for this cheap and safe drug. One media account we did not address was a December 10 “fact check” by the Associated Press (AP) in collaboration with Facebook titled, “No evidence ivermectin is a miracle drug against COVID-19.” In this piece, the AP relies on old protocols and also ignores newer evidence, showing an excessive deference to official edicts over honestly looking at the medical evidence. The AP author doesn’t do her homework as is elaborated on below. Based on accumulating data and growing evidence, the case for publicly-funded investigation into ivermectin is compelling. Does AP represent a particular agenda in that particular piece? Does power, politics, and money influence which research gets funded in the midst of the pandemic?


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  1. With great reluctance, I’m coming to believe there may be some active suppression of the evidence for Ivermectin. What else can explain the almost-complete lack of in-depth consideration from mainstream media and the outright censorship from Facebook, for example? I have been reading all the scientific papers I can find since spring. My motive has been concern for a young relative at great medical risk from Covid-19 infection. All I have read indicates ivermectin has far greater potential for both treatment and prevention than any therapeutic agent yet considered. Its risk-benefit ratio is also the best so far. I believe in vaccines; unfortunately, doctors agree they may not work well for my relative, and in any case they won’t get us to “herd immunity “ for months. Meanwhile, so many in our country, Canada, as well as the US and Europe, are suffering and dying, and those in high-exposure jobs are full of anxiety. Other poorer countries are doing better, some much better. Is it because they are using this drug, with which they are already familiar, either officially or unofficially? Some are, with excellent results. (Suggestions have even been made that there could be residual protection from regular public health campaigns against parasites.) Regardless, ever-increasing numbers of reputable studies, almost without exception, show strong benefit. It is baffling that our health authorities are not looking into this. If they are not blinded due to groupthink, remarkably uncurious in their own fields, or simply callous, it is hard not to conclude some kind of malign covert suppression is occurring.

  2. I have watched and read up on all the info for ivermectin. I have talked to my Dr. Because I want to die the ivermectin thing. He will not prescribe that to me. How can I get the ivermectin off my Dr said no because it’s not FDA approved? I am 61 years old. I had lung cancer approx. 3 years ago and had to get a upper lobe ectomy on my left lung. I also have copd and pulmonary fibrosis on my right lung. Unfortunately I also live in a low income high rise apparently building with about 90 other apartments in it. Covid is getting pretty bad here in LaCrosse, Wi. Where I live, and pretty sure if 1 person does get covid in this building the rest will get it to as they do with all other flies, colds, etc. How can I get some ivermectin? I’m desperate enough but hoping not to take ivermectin for animals. Is there anything I can do?

    1. There are doctors who prescribe ivermectin. Look on the blog at peak and within the blog is list of doctors in various states who prescribe it and/or hydroxychloroquine. Otherwise I have seen various blogs discussing how various individuals have taken ivermectin paste that you can get from your local feed store.

  3. I really hope Beatrice Dupuy realises the lives she is costing by writing out of date data and can slitt sleep at night We don’t need people like her in the press wo do not get their facts straight especially when we are dealing with lives

  4. Wonderful article Trialsite. Keep up the good work. I sure hope the government eventually steps up and reacts and lists ivermectin as “Standard Of Care” so all doctors will be recomended to try it and exposed people will easily receive it. Thanks again!!!