Beyond The Roundup | Central American Nation of Belize Authorizes Use of Ivermectin for COVID-19

Central American Nation of #Belize Authorizes Use of #Ivermectin for #COVID-19:
Belize, a Central American nation, has joined a small but growing list of jurisdictions where the use of Ivermectin is now authorized or officially allowed for treating SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind COVID-19. Just recently, Acting Director of Health Services for Belize’s Ministry of Health, Dr. Melissa Diaz-Musa explained the situation to local media. What triggered this decision? In the recent interview it apparently is a decision based on what authorities there deem mounting evidence from a series of studies (case series, observational and a handful of actual randomized trials), significantly high safety profile, effectivity and cost. She also pointed to a growing number of established protocols, even ones discussed in America. In what will undoubtedly be deemed a controversial move by key players in research and regulatory power centers in the U.S. and Europe, the move basically represents a sort of pragmatic survival as a Latin American developing nation seeks answers to the pandemic. But TrialSite News has monitored a chorus heard from an exponentially growing number of observers supporting the embrace of this drug for research purposes targeting COVID-19 at least. Purportedly taken by over a billion people annually to fight parasites of various types, TrialSite News analysts and network picks up growing chatter that a looming shortage of the drug, representing surging demand, could soon be a reality. What is the truth behind Ivermectin and its effectiveness and safety targeting COVID-19? As Operation Warp Speed just allocated another $356 million for yet another novel experimental biological therapy targeting COVID-19 (now over $2.5 billion just for therapies), should there be more attention as well placed on the repurposing of existing approved therapies?


  1. Agree entirely with Thomas Clifford. I live near Dr Brody in Sydney and am at a loss as to why this treatment has not been embraced – except the big pharma will not benefit. Dr Brody is in the suburb next door to Croydon where the latest Sydney cluster is.

  2. I whole heartedly agree with the two inputs above.There is many test programmes that prove beyond doubt that both treatment protocols Hydorxychlorquie or Ivermectin or both with Zinc and Doxycycline are proven cures for the Corona virus and are practiced in a number of countries already.In the mean time unacceptable numbers of people die as e a result of ignorance or other agendas by the peope who control what we can have a what we can’t. Remdesivir is pushed by the so called knowledgeable people in the USA but WHO even says it does not work and is a dangerous drug What can I say when will saness prevail .

    1. NSW Health and other major Healthcare systems in that region run in lockstep with NIH and CDC. No surprise, really.

  3. Yes, I think it’s very sad that the AMA is not pushing the research on ivermectin. They seemed to be OK with vaccines; but, with something that appears to be a very effective treatment, we hear nothing.

    1. Ivernectin is being supported by the WHO but not the FDA despite being FDA approved since 1975 as safe for many illnesses. The US senate hearings on 12/08/20 (CSpan) include prominent ER doctors who testified about how they are saving patients with ivermectin. They plead for earlier treatments.

  4. Are there any Doctors in Belize that will agree to do a phone consultation? I REALLY want to have a plan in place. It is critical if you are older and have other illnesses. I am looking for a doctor that I will be able to consult with in the event we contract COVID.

    1. Im not a doctor, but not sure if youve had a chance to look at the very detailed protocols and information on Ivermectin by the FLCCC. They’re amazingly detailed and have a protocal for both profylaxis as well as treatment with covid.

      Just thought id share as a syarting poitn.

    2. Please private message me. I have a doctor who prescribes a prophylaxis for Covid in Southern California. It’s FDA approved being used off label only with a doctors approval.