Beyond The Roundup | Central American Nation of Belize Authorizes Use of Ivermectin for COVID-19

Central American Nation of #Belize Authorizes Use of #Ivermectin for #COVID-19:
Belize, a Central American nation, has joined a small but growing list of jurisdictions where the use of Ivermectin is now authorized or officially allowed for treating SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind COVID-19. Just recently, Acting Director of Health Services for Belize’s Ministry of Health, Dr. Melissa Diaz-Musa explained the situation to local media. What triggered this decision? In the recent interview it apparently is a decision based on what authorities there deem mounting evidence from a series of studies (case series, observational and a handful of actual randomized trials), significantly high safety profile, effectivity and cost. She also pointed to a growing number of established protocols, even ones discussed in America. In what will undoubtedly be deemed a controversial move by key players in research and regulatory power centers in the U.S. and Europe, the move basically represents a sort of pragmatic survival as a Latin American developing nation seeks answers to the pandemic. But TrialSite News has monitored a chorus heard from an exponentially growing number of observers supporting the embrace of this drug for research purposes targeting COVID-19 at least. Purportedly taken by over a billion people annually to fight parasites of various types, TrialSite News analysts and network picks up growing chatter that a looming shortage of the drug, representing surging demand, could soon be a reality. What is the truth behind Ivermectin and its effectiveness and safety targeting COVID-19? As Operation Warp Speed just allocated another $356 million for yet another novel experimental biological therapy targeting COVID-19 (now over $2.5 billion just for therapies), should there be more attention as well placed on the repurposing of existing approved therapies?