Beyond The Roundup | Another NY Judge Orders A Hospital To Use Ivermectin

For the Second Time New York Doctors and Patients Needed to Go to Court to Access Ivermectin. The first incident, we covered in a News Roundup back on January 18th, it was about Judith Smentkiewicz an 80-year old woman who received the drug after her family took to court over their decision to disallow the use of Ivermectin. New York Supreme Court Judge Henry J. Nowak aligned with the family and she was able to continue receiving her treatment and went on to recover. In this SECOND case Judge Frank Caruso also with the New York Supreme Court, Orleans County, has preliminarily ruled for plaintiff Robert Dickinson, who is a patient’s husband and a physician, in his legal quest for his wife to be allowed to use Ivermectin.

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  1. QUESTION!!!!! to avoid this unnecessary foolishness with these basic incompetent dr’s who are stuck on non working protocols —Is there anyway to file medical FORMS or like put it in a medical POA/ hospital POA that you fill out that they give you in hospitals— to request this treatment for this virus instead of wasting time not giving valuable life saving measures. This would avoid incompetent doctors who only want to use basic, standard, limited measures/ treatments that aren’t even working and killing patients faster.

    1. Exactly. I second you. To many doctors which only treat patients the conventional method, just know they will stay out of trouble and in a job, because they can proof to follow protocol..